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New Slim PlayStation 3 Revealed


While we are still sulking no one bothered to send us to Tokyo Game Show, (we would have even worn company t-shirts to go there) – Sony just unveiled a lighter, smaller slim PS3 model, which is about 20% smaller and 25% lighter than the current PS3. Arguably, that’s not much of a game-changer since the device isn’t portable, but this new slim PS3 comes in two colours, with 250GB and 500GB storage (upgraded from 160GB and 320GB). There are also limited edition bundles, like the Uncharted 3 bundle or a free voucher for content for Dust 514. Though it’s questionable that it will make it here on our shores.


The design of the new PS3 looks great, with the PS2-like lines making an appearance back on the top, adding to the streamlining. One thing is for sure, the PS3 looks great in your living room. There’s no news yet about when it will arrive in India, but going by recent trends, it should be here very soon. Stay tuned to our feeds, and we’ll fill you in on the same.


PlayStation®3 (CECH-4000 series)

Product namePlayStation ® 3
Release dateUK: September 28th, 2012 (HDD 500GB)
October 12th , 2012 (Flash Memory 12GB)
Product codeCECH-4000series (Charcoal Black / Classic White)
CPUCell Broadband Engine™
Audio outputLPCM 7.1ch, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD, AAC.
Memory256MB XDR Main RAM, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM
Storage sizeCECH-4000A : Flash Memory 12GB
CECH-4000B : HDD 500GB*1
Hi-Speed USB
(USB 2.0)
NetworkingEthernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T) × 1
IEEE 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth ® 2.0 (EDR)
ControllerWireless Controller ?Bluetooth ®?
AV outputResolution1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i (for PAL 576p, 576i)
HDMI OUT connector*31
AV MULTI OUT connector1
Digital out (optical) connector1
drive (read only)
Maximum read rateBD × 2 (BD-ROM)
CD × 24 (CD-ROM)
PowerAC 220 – 240, 50/60Hz*4
Power consumptionApprox. 190W
External dimensions
(excluding maximum projecting part )
Approx. 290 × 60 × 230 mm (width × height × length)
MassApprox. 2.1kg *5
Included *6PlayStation®3 system × 1
Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK®3) × 1
AC power cord × 1
AV cable × 1
USB cable × 1

*1 Hard disk capacity calculated using base 10 mathematics (1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes). System software versions 1.10 and later calculate capacity using binary mathematics (1 GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes), which will display lower capacity and free space. A portion of hard disk capacity is reserved for system administration, which varies depending upon system software version, and is not available for use.
*2 Usability of all connected devices is not guaranteed.
*3 “Deep Colour” and “x.v.Colour (xvYCC)” defined by HDMI ver.1.3a are supported.
*4 Power changes depending on countries or regions.
*5 PS3 with flash memory 12GB weights approximately 2.0kg
*6 For certain regions, Euro-AV cable will be included.
Note: This product is not compatible with PlayStation®2 games

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