New SEO Strategies Surface

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically put, a way for a website to maximize efforts to provide information to users looking for that information.

AI or Artificial Intelligence is an idea that’s been around for a while, but mainly in science fiction. Science fiction is becoming reality as search engines are researching and finding ways to integrate AI into their search engines to provide more accurate results to the searcher.

AI is using several complex linguistic analysis to determine what the user is searching for. Essentially, AI can, with its ability to learn, figure out what it is you, the searcher, is looking for by analyzing your words, speech pattern and several other factors.

SEO will need to adapt to this new technology as it learns and gets better at determining what the user is searching for. With AI, It may be able to categorize videos and audio without the use of keywords, which is a major factor in current SEO strategies. Rand Fishkin said “…SEO is going to have to accommodate by getting smarter about its keyword research”.

As the internet grows, and new mediums of information become available, SEO will have to learn to adapt to those mediums and work with AI to figure out the best strategies for optimization. SEO strategiescan make AI work to their advantage as the technology can assess real time results. This will work to their advantage because it’ll allow the SEO to provide better results to their customers.

There are several companies with in-house SEO specialists that will be able to adapt with very little difficulties. However there are more companies that don’t have that advantage. Those companies can turn to SEM (Search Engine Marketing) companies, like 180fusion, to provide them with the results they are looking for to grow and get the results they’re looking for on the web.

People can use a platform called AI Gaming to better learn how AI works. AI Gaming allows users to develop “bots” that complete in games, or has educational materials to teach new users the basics.

AI can do incredible things. It can provide users with more accurate search results or reduce spam from search results. SEO can adapt to this technology through a better understanding of AI and how it currently affects search results and reduces inaccurate results.

They both have human components that can work together. When marketing professionals learn SEO methodologies to work congruently with AI, it becomes a win win solution for the end user because the results of the search become more accurate. Inaccurate results are pushed down on the results page or removed entirely. This provides users with the ability to navigate the ever changing internet landscape with more effectiveness and helps marketers provide services that users are looking for.

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