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Nameserver trick to workout domain instantly on the new server

I hope you have read my previous tricks to start working with the new nameserver instantly here but it was a little bit critical and need Administrative privilege always for changing the host file.Blogger users use the nameserver of their Google Nameserver but this trick is for the Cpanel hosting users.Nameserver propagation takes 72 hours time but we are so fast in this world that we can’t wait for this so in this article you will learn to workout fast.

But now my new invention of trick will help you get more benefit without going to much hassle to move your hosting from old to new server and instantly effective.We have also discussed the trick to reveal the hosting company name of a domain using here.

Lets begin with the trick

1. Login to your Cpanel generally it is like

2. Scroll down to the Advanced DNS Zone Editor in your Cpanel Platform.

advace dns zone

3.Now click over the link Advanced DNS Zone Editor , you will find the domains if you are having many addon domains and if you are having only single or one domain then scroll down below.You will find the view of image as like below I have given.

ip advance dns zone

As you are seeing the above image where I have blurred the details of the domain and the ip of the server so you need to change the ip of your old server to new server.You can ask your hosting company about the ip and add it to the Cpanel Advanced DNS Zone Editor .So in short replace the current ip with the new server ip their and keep only the one unchaged is as this is default gateway for the each hosting server.

Now you are successfully done but it is difficult to know whether you have done the thing successfully or not so to check the things are done perfectly click here .Enter your domain url there and click over the Start button.If you see the new server ip then its ok your website is being served from the new Hosting server and if you are seeing the old ip there then you have not set the ips correctly so re-back to the above steps and check everything is done well or not.

If all the things are work great then you are welcomed to the new Hosting and enjoy the hosting instantly and remember to change the nameserver of your domain as still your domain nameserver have not changed so change the nameserver of your domain that are given by your new hosting company via mail or via other method of communication.

Enjoy your precious time with nameserver and hosting and leave a comment if you face any issue.