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New fifth-generation Apple iTouch may be nearing launch sometime in fall



According to a report from Macotakara, a Japanese tech-blog site, the next-generation iTouch will feature a new 4-inch screen and other new improvements to the popular device.

The smaller iPad is already here
With all the news and rumors about Apple preparing to launch a smaller iPad, most people forget that a device like this already exists – the iTouch. Early critics called the iTouch an iPhone without a phone and expected a limited, if not, short lifespan. But the iTouch has become one of Apple’s best selling products.

What’s new?
Rumors speculate that the next-gen iTouch may have a taller 4-inch Retina display, and a new case design. The iTouch case back has been traditionally a shiny stainless steel, but the new case is expected to be a brushed aluminum. The front bezel may also come in white.

The 5th generation iTouch is expected to have a new dual-core A5 processor to increase performance.

How much?
The entry level 8GB 4th gen iTouch launched at $199 and the new iTouch should match or come close to this price point if Apple continues its course of providing improved products at minimal price increases.

A big “fall” for Apple
Coming this fall, the current rumors for new Apple products include the launch of the iPhone 5, a smaller iPad dubbed the iPad mini, and a fifth generation iTouch. If all of these rumors pan out, it will be one of the biggest falls for new Apple products in recent memory.