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Naughty Dog details Season Pass DLC for The Last of Us

Developer Naughty canine has published the upcoming DLC of this year’s action/journey title the remaining of us. It’s no secret that the sport has a Season ago that players should purchase, and so Naughty dog has printed plans for the first of the three Season move DLC packs. The primary one will be the abandoned Territories map % for multiplayer.

The map % includes the Suburbs map, the Bus Depot map, the fatherland map and the bookstore map. The Suburbs map has a dynamic dust storm that may strike at any moment. Bus Depot has a bunch of untamed giraffes within the heritage. Place of birth is darkish and moonlit with a focus on stealth. Book place adds some verticality to the preventing with a bi-level structure. The map % will hit PlayStation Network on October sixteen.


Concept art for the story-centric DLC

Concept art for the story-centric DLC

speaking about another part of the Season move—a narrative-centric single participant DLC—Naughty canine’s community Strategist Eric Mona celli describes it as having an bold story with strong ties into the narrative of The final of Us. The casting course of for the characters has it seems that simply ended and motion capture goes to start. The DLC will hopefully be out by way of December or January.

There are no details about the third Season pass DLC, alas, but it will hit PS Network within the first half of of 2014. Naughty canine can be revealing more small print as the release date gets closer.