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Multipocket concept jacket charges gadgets, plays music



LAS VEGAS — Technology Enabled Clothing’s SCOTTEVEST is bringing all sorts of high-tech features to your jacket — at least in concept form. SCOTTEVEST introduced its fancy concept jacket, the TEC Jacket 2.0, at ShowStoppers at CES on Tuesday evening.

New gadgets

The new jacket will have all sorts of cool technology (at least, in theory), including flat batteries woven into the fabric, flexible speakers and microphones positioned in the collar, and E Ink screens that monitor battery status, connectivity, temperature, location and other stats. Unfortunately, this high-tech jacket is a couple of years. It’s just a concept at the moment, which means that it won’t be production-ready (if it ever is) for at least two years.


Available Of gadgets

SCOTTEVEST also has other high-tech garments available, including a windbreaker-style multipocket jacket that will be available this summer for around $160 to $175. This jacket features tons of pockets, including an iPad-sized pocket, as well as a phone-sized pocket with a clear plastic display window inside the jacket (so you never have to take your phone out of your pocket). It also has removable sleeves (they attach using magnets), the ability to wire headphones through the jacket from each pocket, and a map of the interior of the jacket that doubles as a cellphone screen cleaning cloth.


SCOTTEVEST has been showing off tech-friendly clothing for a couple of years now, though its parent company’s name (Technology Enabled Clothing) might seem a little misleading. After all, it’s not wearable tech, it’s a way to wear your tech. The jacket styles are nicely lightweight and hide the tons of pockets well, but they do fit more like a North Face jacket rather than a Dolce & Gabbana garment.

[ Source :- Pcworld ]

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