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MacKeeper Protects Your Mac OS?

Find out what MacKeeper is for, its main features and how to remove the program both manually and with the help of utility.

Protect Your Mac OS with MacKeeper

MacKeeper is offered by the manufacturers in order to protect your Mac OS teh best way and is included into the standard OS install package. MacKeeper is a collection of the most important system utilities for security, cleaning, control and optimization of your computer. The presence of 16 applications in one package allows you to make the routine tasks automatically and keep working your Mac OS the best way. With Mackeeper it is really simple, quick and easy to manage maintenance tasks, allowing you to keep your Mac OS clean and safe.

Main Features of MacKeeper:

Among the main features of the software that is created to protect the OS of your Mac are the following:

· scanning the system;

· check the files for the malware and other threats;

· antitheft;

· data encryption;

· data Recovery;

· data backup;

· shredder;

· quick cleaning of drives;

· search for duplicate files;

· search files;

· uninstall programs that are installed on your system.


Despite the multipurpose and seemingly useful set of functions, a lot of users often mistreat it as MacKeeper malware and often ask about how to remove the software from the computer once and for all. Let’s see why it happens with the users so often.

How to Delete MacKeeper?

A lot of people admit that MacKeeper rather interferes with the OS proper functioning than helps it. The point is that MacKeeper copies its files to your hard disk. Keeper.dll. You can also find it in your processes list with the name MacKeeper.dll or MacKeeper. If you feel that you want to get rid of the software as useless, you can do it in several ways: manually or with the help of special software:

How to Remove MacKeeper Manually

This problem can be solved manually by deleting all registry keys and files connected with MacKeeper, removing it from the startup list and unregistering all corresponding DLL files. In addition, the missing DLL files should be restored from the OS distribution if they were damaged by MacKeeper. To remove MacKeeper manually, you must have technical knowledge of the program itself, then you can remove it manually, but it requires knowledge of the system files and registry files, and if you do not have any idea about it, trying to tame methods can lead you to more challenging situations and one wrong file deletion can make your system a complete disrepair.

To get rid of MacKeeper, you should complete the current processes and delete the appropriate files. Warning: you should delete only those files the control amounts of which are listed as malicious. Your system may contain the necessary files with the same names. That’s why to use special utilities is recommend in order to remove MacKeeper for safe problem solution and not to damage the system. Then delete the folders, keys and \ or valuable ??registry keys of the software.

Warning: If registry keys are set, you should only delete their values ??and leave the keys themselves untouched. Again it’s better to use the utility to remove MacKeeper for safe problem solution.

How to Remove MacKeeper With an Utility

If you are not quite sure what to delete, use the programs of MacKeeper removal. MacKeeper removal tools will find and fully remove MacKeeper and all problems associated with its work. Of course, it will be more profess?onal to use fast and easy-to-use tools for removing MacKeeper.

No wonder why many people think that MacKeeper is a virus. This software does not protect computers against threats but does harm to them itself and breaks the privacy. And special utility is more likely to remove MacKeeper, scan your hard disk and system registry and destroy any manifestation of MacKeeper files since standard antivirus software can do nothing against such program as MacKeeper.

There is a range of useful removal tools which you can buy or download for free depending on their technical characteristics. You simply pick the best one and use it in order to get rid of the software you do not need. You may download simplified removal tools specifically designed to address problems with MacKeeper and MacKeeper.dll fast and safe and the download will start automatically which is easier and more safeguard than manual intrusion.


Of course, the manufacturers of MacKeeper tried to do their best to protect your Mac OS with its help, however, if you are one of those users who consider it to be completely out of use on your laptop and need to remove it, you shouldn’t do it manually, at least it’s not recommended. You are welcome to use a range of removal utilities that will do it professionally and without any harm for your Mac if you cannot make head or tail of what to do with MacKeeper, its files, directories and the system registry afterall.

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