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Make a Move With UNPAKT

Remember the horrific times when you had to move your base from one place to another? Other than the usual anxiety related to moving to a completely new environment, the entire process of packing and shifting is hectic and burdensome. Then there is the tension of the kind of packers and movers that you will have to choose. There is a mushroom growth of moving companies but you have to go for a trustworthy company.  Enter Unpakt and all your problems are solved! Unpakt is a site of information related to reliable moving companies. Unpakt was established in July 2012 and is based on New York. Within such a short period, the company has achieved much. Currently it is operating across 50 cities.

Unpakt is a company which believes in making shifting easy for you. It has a liaison with all the top moving companies who will help to make the process of moving your base simple. It provides the estimated cost of moving almost instantaneously. Not only that you can also book a moving company online with the help of information from Unpakt. All you have to do is keep 3 basic things in mind. First scheme out the shifting, then look through the alternatives in terms of pricing and finally book a moving company online.

Planning involves creating an inventory which will consist of fundamental details of your plan such as the list of furniture and the number of boxes required. Also take into consideration the size of the house that you are moving into. If you fumble any time at the list of furniture, Unpakt is always there to help you out. You may have an excellent range of prices of moving companies enlisted by Unpakt. If you don’t feel confident at the moment, you can always save the move for future. You can refer to the user reviews about moving companies which are quite useful. You can edit the changes in your details about the items and budget.

Unpakt comes with a wide variety of services based on just 2 things, how much things you have and how far is your place of shifting. You can go for the additional services offered by Unpakt. Unpakt’s moving companies take special care about your belongings starting from furniture to valuable and fragile objects. When you are consulting with Unpakt, be rest assured that your task is endowed to the moving experts of the city. Unpakt moving companies include things necessary for moving and commutation such as tolls, gas, parking, blankets, dollies etc. The movers wrap the delicate items such as mirror, paintings, lamps, electronics or porcelain and glassware in covers. Some of the other services of Unpakt are, free home suggestions, skilled carpenters to handle flat screen TV, asymmetrical furniture and cribs, storage facilities, provision of crates for antiques, chandeliers etc. The movers of Unpakt moving companies can pack items and drop them at your destination too at a minimal charge. They also supply boxes for packing objects.

Unpakt moving companies give you full insurance of all your expensive belongings. With Unpakt, moving will no more is an issue. In fact, it will be fun to move!