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Movavi Video Editor Review

Creating and editing videos is often considered complicated at best, and undoubtedly you’ve heard of (or experienced) the steep learning curve that tends to go hand in hand with it. Generally people tend to avoid getting into it for that reason as they figure that it will be far beyond their capabilities and will take too much time for them to even learn the basics.


In contrast to that expectation however, the Movavi Video Editor ( is designed to provide a user-friendly and intuitive approach to video editing. It does not require any prior experience, nor does it have a steep learning curve. Instead, even a beginner will be able to start using it and quickly figure out how to apply its features to create and edit videos to look professional.

Essentially all that you need in order to use the Movavi Video Editor to create great-looking videos is a willingness to experiment, be creative, and try new things. The rest will fall into place fairly naturally, and before you know it you’ll be familiar with all of its features.

When it comes to features the Movavi Video Editor is certainly no slouch, and the sheer scope of what it brings to the table is sufficient to rival any other video editor out there. To begin with, it will allow you to use numerous different types of sources for your videos – including pretty much all video file formats. Additionally you’ll be able to capture video via a webcam or screen capture or digitize analog videos from VHS and other devices.

Once you have your video on hand, you can then start to edit it as and how you see fit. Normally a good starting point is by trimming out unnecessary footage as well as cutting and combining the video into a ‘final cut’ that you can then enhance in various ways by adjusting the color settings and fixing common issues including interlaced, blurry, pixelated or shaky video segments.

To ensure that your videos really look impressive, the Movavi Video Editor also provides a range of features that will help augment and polish your video in different ways. For example you’ll be able to insert stylish transitions between scenes or utilize special effects and filters to alter the visual appearance of your video.

On the audio front you’ll have numerous options to explore as well, not the least of which is the ability to add multiple audio tracks to include voiceovers, background music, and other sound effects.

Long story short, the Movavi Video Editor is the complete package when it comes to providing an easy and yet highly effective way to improve your videos and make them look amazing.