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Most Outrageous Musical Performances

The MTV video music awards seem to be the perfect forum for artists to secure their place in the music industry and to hit the headlines using the most outrageous techniques possible. Artists will use any method possible to promote themselves and their music.They used to be focused on tours, CD’s produced by companies such as, and promotional items but all this has changed as singers are frantically trying to gain attention and are using risqué performances and outrageous behaviour to do so.

For years, the VMA’s have been shrouded in controversy as artist after artist has performed in an unexpected and unprofessional way, yet the publicity has only benefited both the awards and the artists,causing popularity to soar and leaving audiences talking about their performances and behaviour for months to follow.

That ‘Twerking’ Performance

image1The 2013 VMA’s were held recently and Miley Cyrus certainly stole the show. Her performance left audiences feeling uncomfortable, disgusted and concerned about her state of mind and has created scrutiny over her every move. Miley’s love affair with the ‘twerking’ dance craze led to her being sexually suggestive alongside fellow performer Robin Thicke and her young age and former Disney star reputation at the heart of the discomfort. The performance took place at the awards in August and from that night the media have concentrated on the young star and everything from her failing love life to her new single.

Girl on Girl on Girl Kiss

image2Shortly before Britney’s very public breakdown her image became more sexual and her performances far more explicit. She sealed her new attitude with her performance at the 2003 VMA’s alongside Madonna and the notorious ‘Dirty girl’ Christina Aguilera. The three sang Madonna’s hit ‘Like a Virgin’ and later went into a rendition of Madonna’s recent single ‘Hollywood’. The performance was sexually charged and the three ended the routine by Madonna kissing each of the girls. The shock was clear on the faces of the audience and the news headlines that followed.

What is happening?

Britney Spears makes the list once again with a performance that this time left people feeling concerned about her mental state. In 2007, Britney made her image3musical comeback with a performance at the VMA’s and sang her latest single ‘Gimme More’. Her appearance was shocking, in every sense, and she was bloated, immobile and staring vacantly into the crowd, while – worst of all for Britney fans – clearly lip-syncing… badly.

Britney was still in recovery from a very public breakdown at this time and it was clear she had chosen the wrong time and the wrong platform to make her return to music. It was outrageous yet in the saddest way possible.

No list of the most outrageous performances would be complete without a nod to Kanye West. The rapper took to the stage DURING Taylor Swift’s best video acceptance speech and he promptly took it upon himself to claim Beyoncé should have been the real winner. Classy!

Musicians have to remain current and in the public eye to secure their place in the music industry. They are now using shocking and risqué methods to do so and there are certain arenas they are choosing to showcase their new attitude and shocking behaviour.

There is no such thing as bad press in many senses although a truly outrageous performance can cause a great deal of embarrassment, and a loss of admiration and respect amongst fans. It is a very big risk to take that can result in either increased popularity and attention or a threat to a long-standing and previously successful career.