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MOST Innovative Apps For Smartphones

Check out the MOST Innovative Apps For Smartphones



Commit is an app for iOS that helps in completing one or more daily tasks. At first glance this may appear like a reminder application, but Commit is a more of a motivational tool for very specific purposes. It does work with the calendar and it only supports daily tasks.

Setting up Commit is done by entering a task that you would like complete on a daily basis, like exercising or having a chat with God. On a user-defined time during of the day, the application will pop-up reminder for the user to check-off, if the task has been completed. Commit keeps a track of the number of times the task was completed and displays a simple scorecard to reflect your commitment. This is a simple and elegant application designed for a very specific purpose. Commit is selling on the iTunes store $0.99 a pop.

Game your Video

Slightly confused are you? Well, so was I when I first heard about an app called ‘Game your Video’. There is no denying that this is a highly innovative app available for your iPhone and it comes from Udupi, Karnataka, India. This app from Global Delight is increasing in popularity and has already won Apple’s App of the Week and MacWorld’s Best of Show awards.


The idea behind the app is to make video editing fun, hence the name Game your Video. It introduces users to a completely new way to edit videos, just like one would play a console game. Users can add a variety of motion effects, audio effects, transitions, music, fade-ins, fade-outs and visual effects. This app is simple to use, helps you create stunning videos and is a steal for just $1.99.


Clear is an organizer app for iOS, which in a short span since its release, has achieved widespread acclaim and recognition. According to the app’s publisher, just over 350,000 people have paid for the app at 69p a pop. Apple has featured Clear on the iTunes Store as app of the week, which can perhaps be explained by the application’s design being deeply rooted in gesture based interface.


Clear stands out of the crowded space of to-do lists managers because of its interface that works without any onscreen buttons. Commands like creating new tasks, marking completed tasks and grouping tasks is all achieved with gestures. Another atypical feature of this application is that tasks on the to-do lists are not tied to date and time. This reduces clutter on the screen and makes adding new tasks as quick and painless as possible.





This is a free application for your iOS device which lets you create beautiful images using its various pre-installed filters. There is no need of going through tedious photoshop editing to make your photos look gorgeous. All the images are directly uploaded in one single stream which can later be viewed from any other device.
It has linear and radial tilt-shift blur effects and the application also allows users to directly share their images to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursqsure, Tumblr and Posterous. All you need to do is apply the desired effect and share it with your friends, if you are into those sorts of things.


SnapKeys 2i: Invisible on screen keyboard


If you have been keenly following some prominent consumer electronics expos, then you may have noticed this intriguing project by Snapkeys Ltd. This relatively unknown startup from Israel has been diligently developing and promoting a new touch-screen typing interface called SnapKeys 2i. The concept works by grouping the alphabet into groups of four based on their shapes. Users are required to memorize this grouping as the keyboard overlay, in this case, is completely transparent.

This method of on-screen text input frees-up precious real estate on portable devices and, the company claims, makes typing faster and less tiring. SnapKeys was present at this year’s MWC, where they claimed to be in negotiation with manufacturers, carriers and software vendor to implement their technology. This seems to imply that the technology cannot be deployed as a mobile app instead it requires deeper integration with the system. SnapKeys is not ready to reveal a release window yet, but we may get more information on that at this year’s CTIA, in May.