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More major Windows 8 apps published; Nook app is MIA

Windows 8

At the moment, over 9,000 worldwide apps are now available to download in the Windows Store for Windows 8 users. Even more apps are beginning to appear in the Windows Store after Friday’s launch date for Windows 8.


New Apps Of Windows 8

One of the new apps, which was actually demoed at Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch event in New York but did not appear in the store until Saturday, is Urbanspoon. This app allows the user to find the best places to eat from the company’s database of 800,000 restaurants.  Users can share restaurant info with friends or vote up or down on the places they have visited.

Yet another major app that’s now available in the store is Flixster, which offers news and information about movies (via Rotten Tomatoes) along with a way to download and purchase movies. Unfortunately, this first release is getting hit with some bad reviews so we would suggest waiting until a later release of the app before trying it out.

Launch Of Apps Windows 8

One app that was supposed to be ready before the Windows 8 launch date was the Nook app from bookseller Barnes and Noble. The company has a partnership with Microsoft to develop the eReader and bookstore app, and Barnes and Noble CEO William Lynch claimed that it  would be ready well ahead of the Windows 8 launch date.

What happened? The Wall Street Journal reports that a Barnes and Noble rep would only said the Nook Windows 8 app would be launched “within weeks” but offered no word as to why the app was delayed.

[ Source :- Neowin ]

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