Most of the development that takes place in a child is usually when they are growing up. These become the most important years of their life, and since these are considered to be one of the most crucial, a little planning has to be kept in mind. As the development also takes place through brain developmental activates, it also takes place through motor skills and physical activities. The child should not stop whenever certain activities are assigned to the child and to make sure that these skills keep developing, the learning process for them should be practical and without any obstacles.

The development of the child should take place through even the kind of toys that they are playing with. These crucial toys also include Montessori toys, something that is used to maintain the growth of the child’s brain. These toys bring out the best of the child’s abilities. These abilities include things like curiosity to learn, motivation, encouragement, cognitive abilities and so on. The following are the things one should remember before purchasing any of these Montessori toys:



  • The age factor: The age of the kids playing with these toys should be an important factor to consider in this case. The reason is the fact that there are certain toys in these that are used by children to distinguish between one toy and the other on the basis of weight, size, shape and so one. The toys should suit their interests, because they should also be aware of the purpose that these toys are serving.
  • Quality of the toys: Safety is a parameter to be considered here. This is because the toys that these kids get exposed to are definitely those that are going to help them grow and should be of good quality. The toys should be strong, light, and unbreakable and should be able to showcase some kind of learning.
  • Creativity is encouraged: Each toy that is bought should be able to serve some purpose in the development of the child’s brain. Therefore, each toy produced should actually be able to give out some information.
  • The child should be active: When the brain is getting exercised, the child is definitely learning something. Therefore, each toy that is to be purchased should be able to motivate him or her to be active and not just sit in one corner.
  • One should be able to change it: These toys should have a multipurpose and should be usable even when the child grows up. This makes it easier for the child to keep growing and make growth possible.
  • Sense organs are stimulated: Certain materials and elements in a child will always ba capable of producing some kind of change in the child’s brain. Therefore, buy only toys that will solve this purpose and increase their attention. Critical thinking is yet another aspect that one should consider.
  • Learning should be motivating: Each task has a solution, and the child should be able to give a solution for the same. This is the main purpose of these Montessori toys.
  • Decisions should be informed: Montessori toys serve as the right toys for the correct development of the child.

To make sure that these toys are just right kind for you, the above mentioned points should definitely be met. This is something that E&O Montessori takes into consideration.