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Modern Spindle Moulders are Safe to Use

Have you assumed that a spindle moulder is not made for you? Either you do not know it’s working, or you are afraid of using it or its setup is complex.

Incredibly multipurpose, its usages go beyond straight forward moulding work, and it has some benefits over the router. Spindle moulder can be used for a vast sort of joints, rebates, box combing, grooves, etc., along with for developing curved surfaces. You can cut out difference shapes and elevate panels. The vast advantages can be achieved as compared to the router.

There is nothing that can beat the spindle moulder, either its speed, easy usage or finishing quality. The tooling for a moulding head is significantly inexpensive than the comparable big router bits and you can simply re-sharp it or make different shapes.

Risky Reputation:

Though, its unlucky reputation for being risky, the spindle moulder has always been considered with some amount of fear, even by more experienced woodworking operators. Lots of this terror would be due to past incidents, in case if it were carelessly set. The majority of the earlier tools were used at high speed, resulting in serious injuries.

Today, small, harmless and effortlessly adjusted machinery are readily available, in conjunction with a vast choice of the corresponding tooling designed to ensure it is risk-free and safe to use. Spindle moulders at present are as harmless as any other woodworking machinery. Once you are used to it, you will start appreciating its worth.


The table of Spindle moulder tables includes all kinds of shapes and sizes, in aluminium, cast iron or pressed steel. Apparently, a large cast iron table is superior, but the expenditure is not reasonable. A majority of woodworkers prefer pressed steel.

Besides, the table should be flawlessly even and the area near to the spindle generally has a big cut out to keep tools of different lengths. Filler rings decrease the whole size and increase provision when using small diameter blocks.


What the spindle sticks out above the table is operated by a hand wheel, the original projection being presented on a scale. This movement defines where and how much the cutter profile will cut.

It is significant that this modification is easy, as you might need to make tiny adjustments. It is similarly important that the rise-and-fall movement can be locked firmly at the wanted height.


The spindle is an ordinary 30mm-diameter shaft. The spindle is delivered with a range of spacing collars, which provides sharp correction for the depth of cut and the block is then detained on with an individual clamping washer and nut. There are all kinds of distinctions on the clamping method.


The motor is fixed beneath the table and drives the spindle with the help of a belt. A motor must be of at least 2 hp to shape large profiles as it takes up a lot of power.

Fence and Guarding:

The fence and guard is an essential unit, which locks on the table with two locking studs. It is the movement of this fence backward and forwards across the table comparative to the block that delivers the alteration for the depth of cut.

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