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The Modern Man and his Cigarette: How Safe is it ?


The electronic cigarette has become massively popular mostly due to the varieties of brands, designs and styles but also flavors. The main targets for this product are people who have accepted technology and want to live a modern and sophisticated life. Also, the electronic cigars are accepted almost anywhere, thus there is no inconvenience to smoke near loved ones or in public places. Electronic cigarettes Blu is one of the many sites that make the products available.

The Addiction

Smokers are not addicted to the ashes, the heavy smoke or the nasty smell when smoking a regular cigar. Smokers want nicotine. It’s as simple as that. It’s stimulating effects can be felt immediately. After inhaling, it makes its way into the bloodstream and goes into your body and brain. Once it reaches it, it releases dopamine and glutamate. The first hormone gives a “fell good” effect. The second one is connected with learning but also memory. The result? After smoking a cigarette, smokers feel relieved and have a precise recalling of the moment.

The E-cig

Because the electronic cigarette was invented approx. 15 years ago, and because the product has just reached this high level of popularity, there is no data regarding any possible harmful effects of the product. But one thing is for sure. All the ingredients contained in the liquid that actually produces the electronic cig smoke are used in other industries for decades now.

People can adjust technology according to their needs and desires so no wonder the electronic cigarette was invented. The idea is to enjoy the same nicotine high effect, without the bad smell and risks that normal cigarettes bring on. All the harmful ingredients from a normal cigarette are now gone as the personal vaporizer contains a liquid that was declared safe by the FDA. The same ingredients are used in industries such as health and food but also in the fabrication of cosmetics products. In conclusion it’s nothing our body hasn’t met before and it’s harmless. No data is available for adverse long term effects (if there are any).

The Result

After one smokes a normal cigarette, the effect of the nicotine is reduced by half in no more than half an hour. Depending on the level of tolerance that the person is accustomed to, the smoker will feel the need to smoke again. This is actually the main reason why people can start by smoking one cigarette a day and one month later they are smoking a full pack a day.

In the case of electronic cigarettes, the user inhales only the desired dose of nicotine. The product can also be used with no nicotine at all. One can actually lower the level of nicotine that he is inhaling if he chooses to.

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