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Mobile shopping has broken all geographical barriers: Desktops lag behind

“Even on the most solemn occasions I got away without wearing socks and hid that lack of civilization in high boots”

? Albert Einstein

And to avoid all kinds of fashion blunders when you try to get your hands on the latest trend of the season, you get the newsflash- Out of Stock. For most of us, these three words have often disappointed more than our matriculation exam score cards. Although, it may sound like-confessions of a teenage Shopaholic, however, I am sure you can relate to the pain…don’t you?

Fashion is not just a mere statement anymore; it’s the most exquisite way of expressing.

Previously, it was desktops and laptops which had the onus of:

Helping you to shop right and

Steal the show at any given occasion

Now the dynamics have changed. People now prefer a much personalized and crisp approach that is as easy as pie – Mobiles. Shopping via mobile apps did to the fashion and retail industry what IPL did for the cricket world- gave a new edge

You intend to look good in the next week office party and want to hit it off with your new client right from the beginning but don’t have time to make it to the stores? My advice – switch to mobile shopping and look plain swanky. You won’t even have to get up from your seat to make a buy, if you feel lazy. How convenient, isn’t it?

The future of fashion and online retail world is by all means extremely mobile and big shot and names in the industry cannot afford to get left behind in the race or pass up this channel.

Mobile apps have rocked the fashion world

‘Easy Access’, whenever you hear these two words a feeling of ‘less effort’ runs through your mind and you are pleased as punch. Mobile apps offer you easy access to websites and payment options that take as long as the blink of an eye.

Gone are the days when you had to reach office before your boss, so that you can shop online for your Friday Hungama. Now you can take a breather and shop from wherever you want with mobile apps. No more desktops and laptops, no more delayed shopping. Look best, feel best.

Below-mentioned is a brief rundown of the basic difference why mobile shopping has swept off the feet of online shoppers and made desktop shopping sound like water over the dam.

Mobile Shopping

Desktop Shopping

Offers a unique shopping experience, which consumers cannot even think of in front of a desktop or in a brick and mortar store. Let’s shoppers browse thousands of fashionable items and arrive at payment options with just one click.

Time consuming process and requires an online shopper to log into the website every time. Not as convenient as any mobile app.

The big brands in the fashion industry and other top publications have structured the mobile application in a way to glue their content appropriately and make the most of this constantly evolving demographic.

Desktop shopping is not of much interest to shoppers as was once. Hence, top publications and industry leaders have stepped back to take any new initiative towards desktop shopping after the advent of Mcommerce.

Retailers these days have a knack for mobile apps to aid online shoppers navigate and inject the in-store shopping experience.

In case of desktop shopping, retailers do not feel as a confident as with mobile apps. The reason behind this is the drastic fall of desktop shoppers in the last few years.

You can navigate and shop using apps anytime, anywhere as per your convenience. This has done the trick for mobile apps.

If you are on the road and encounter any chic apparel, you just cannot look for it online. For that you need to get back home/office, log on to the internet and then check for it. In short-too lengthy process

Has features like:

• Sharing functions (Facebook, Twitter, BBM)

• Fast fashion (new trends updates)

• Stock-checkers / Stockist finders using GPS

• Sales alerts

• Scrapbooking

Has features like:

• Can open multiple tabs

• Sends trend updates via email

• Sends sales alert via email

Myntra is the new kid on the block

Our iPhone home screen is very precious and only companies whose mobile app has been a magic wand for online shoppers can earn that spot. Myntra, a Bangalore based e-commerce store has been in the news lately for its efficient and riddle-free app that makes shopping a hassle free + enjoyable experience. As per online retailers, the Myntra shopping app is all set to take the fashion and lifestyle product world by storm in the next few quarters. Behold and keep your eyes open for the best offers.

Recently, I had this golden opportunity to shop using Myntra app, and trust me when I say this- smooth as butter. I was thrown open to high-quality, fashionable imagery that is clutter free and simple, designed to turn our browsing experience as convenient as possible, just like a tour guide for a new city. You can maneuver through as many as 1,60,000 products from nearly 1000 brands. Add to its credentials, these apps offered important updates about the world of fashion (celebrity fashion, style guides, DIY and viral videos) and ended my experience with a glee on my face.

My personal recommendation– Delete all other apps and make space for this Myntra app in your smartphone today. They have Special discount and offers for mobile App users too.

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