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Mobile phone Tracking Software

Smartphone’s has revolutionized the modern era with load of applications availability and ease of access. We usually buy a better brand and good looking Mobile or Smartphone as per our requirement features are concerned. We always turn up our mobile phones to do wonders in our own way, here; we have got you a new technology on mobile phone, Mobile Tracking Technology powered by mSpy.


What exactly the Tracking App does on your Smartphone?

This app enables the user to track mobile phone activities. There are many other developers out with the same functionality app but mSpy has something unique of its own. It gives a complete and detailed activity logs of the mobile apllication on which its installed to the registerd client system. It is versatile to use and the user interface is elegant. When comapred to other such applications availabe mSpy has won the downloading target.

Application Performance

Features Of mSpy

Here are the golden features of mSpy mobile tracking application,

Parenting: It helps tracking your children’s activities over phone. It helps parents to watch out on their children and protect them from illegal involment and dangerous surroundings. The key features are:

  • Call Logs:

It helps you to track call logs, which includes information like number of incoming and outgoing calls and their timings.

Best of it is you can keep track of the live conversation on the target mobile phone.

  • Multimedia Content:

Whenever the target mobile phone captures a picture or uploads any video on it handset, a copy of the same content will be loaded to the user online mSpy account. This helps to track unauthorized usage of your camera functionality.

Relationship: This app can be a gift for people who want to spy on their partners activity. It  will help to check your partners loyality and reveal the truth if it’s a cooked up story of involvment.

  • SMS:

Text messages on target mobile phone will be uploaded to user account wherein, user can read all the text messages even if it is deleted in device. This helps parents in a good way to look after  their  children’s.

Business: It could be the best app for Employers of an organization who can keep track on their fellow employess and can easily know if anyone is abusing them or any of the companies profile is shared outside.

  • Email Logs:

User can read the mail box of the target use. Email activity can be tracked and proper maintenance of working environment can be maintained.

  • Other Features:

Other activities on device like contacts, calendar notes, voice recording and apps downloaded on handset can be monitored and retrieved on user account.

Purchase mSpy

One can purchase mSpy app on their official website and install it on your target device. Installation process is simple provided with the purchase list. After successful installation you will prompt to add few personal details which will provide the upload service to user account. mSpy has also launched in iphone as iphone spy. The user interface of the software is very user friendly one can easily follow up the procedure given for proper usage.

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