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Mobile Phone Signal Booster is one of the Most Reliable and Cheapest Ways to Save your Conversation

You and your mobile seem to have become Siamese twins: you cannot exist without each other. You seem to need a mobile not only when there is a case of emergency, but when you feel like chatting with your friends about your favorite hobbies, pastime etc. A mobile phone has become your most reassured possession.

Happiness Can be Shaded

Surely, you take a cell phone wherever you go to enjoy its presence. But, the only problem that overshadows your life is a weak mobile phone signal that prevents you from normal and efficient communication. Any person is to get upset when they are not able to hear what the opponent is saying and the valuable minutes of the talk are lost forever.
There are many people who get really irritated about a poor quality of mobile phone connections and, for sure, that are ready to do their best to change the situation.

Weak Signal Reasons are Still Important

In most cases people start looking for immediate ways to solve the problem, and they forget to find out the reasons for it.
The first step that everybody does is to contact a mobile service provider and grumble about the money they pay for the service, and the service does not correspond to the fees. Well, when we speak about bad signal of mobile phones, 3 out of 10 cases can be provider’s fault.
In most cases we are likely to have poor perception because we live too far from the transmitting tower or because we are in a building which is too packed with all kinds of hardware, or you will never get an excellent cell phone signal when you are in a basement or in the underground. All the mentioned cases have no relation to the mobile companies. They do refer to our not very perfect world.

Fight Poor Mobile Phone Service Immediately

Not a single person wishes to waste thousands of money to improve a cell phone signal. So, there is a number of methods that seem to help you boost the existing mobile phone signal to the level good enough to have a proper conversation.
Here are the ways they call the most reliable ones:

1. A Specially Designed Mobile Phone Signal Booster

More and more specialists stick to the point that the most reliable and the cheapest technique is to purchase a mobile signal booster, a device which aim is to ameliorate a weak signal of the phone and improve its quality to the desired level. The gadget is not expensive and it is practically everlasting and suitable for any place. There are various kinds of mobile phone signal boosters, depending on the location, frequency of the mobile phone provider etc. You start using it without any installation and reading manuals.  Above the mentioned methods, this one seems to be the most reasonable one and the final one in combating poor mobile phone signals.

2. Put Your Phone in a Glass

One of the weirdest ways I have ever heard is to put your phone in an empty glass and wait for a little. In such a way, you improve the way you mobile phone antenna works. I am not sure of the technique, but it looks absolutely harmless to try it.

3. iPhone Apps May Give a Hand

In case you have bought an iPhone, you can search for a special type of iPhone apps that are able to seek for places with better cell phone signal. Of course, such applications cannot make the signal better, but they will help you identify the nearest place where the signal is stronger. It is good to install such an app, but at the same time, it is only a temporary solution of the problem.

4. Your Own Cell Phone Booster

To create your own mobile phone signal booster using all kinds of adjutant-hand materials like a piece of wire, an empty can, a paper clip, some tape, some garden bags and an old radio antenna is a way out. After watching to some YouTube videos how to make it, you are a happy owner of a home-made hand-made booster. I have tried a lot of videos, but none of them really shows how it works. If you have enough time to spare and a lot of patience, you may start this adventure, and you are guaranteed a great deal of fun time. But, unfortunately, it may never work.

People have been trying to struggle with weak signal perception for a long time, and they have succeeded in inventing both reliable and weird ways to improve the signal of a cell phone. Frankly speaking, any user can choose the way suitable only for them particularly.