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Mobile Apps To Ensure You Never Forget A Moment

Everyone likes to relive a great vacation, and it’s really only human nature to want to relive your own adventures through your vacation photos and show them off to everyone they knew. While cameras have obviously been around for a long time, today’s smartphone apps can add new vivid dimensions to preserving your travel moments.

Image via Flickr by Roland Tanglao

Viddy makes recording short video clips and sharing them through social media a cinch. You can shoot up to 15 seconds of video through Viddy or import short clips you’ve already recorded for editing with a variety of special effects — for example, rendering videos into black and white or adding music. Then the app gives you options to share the video on Facebook, Twitter, or several other social networks. In addition to three pre-loaded visual effects, you can download more free or premium ones.

Viddy is also its own social network, so all your vacation videos will also be shared with your envious Viddy followers at home. The app is free in the iTunes and Google Play Stores.

Story Press

Story Press lets you tell a story in your own voice. You can keep your own audio diary of your trip. You and your spouse could interview each other at the end of each day. You could record your children talking about how they are enjoying their vacation fun.

All the recordings are preserved in the Story Press Library cloud, and can also be shared on Facebook and other social media. The Story Press app is free in the Google Play and iTunes Stores.

Of course, you won’t have many good stories without putting some effort into your itinerary; for writers, the difference between a good vacation story and a great one is an issue of planning. Photos4Travel offers free online travel guides for favorite destinations all over the world, featuring photos, maps, and tips.

Moment Me

Moment Me creates multimedia memory albums by culling related posts from social media feeds. It aggregates your posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+ with those of your friends and followers that are about the same event. If you are traveling with your family or a group of people, the app will bring together all the photos, Tweets, and videos that all of you post about a given site you visited or activity that you did to form a “moment.” It works on your device, even if all your friends don’t also have the app.

The Moment Me app is free in the iTunes and Google Play Stores.

Wonderful Days

Wonderful Days is a journaling app that helps you record your vacation memories the almost old-fashioned way, creating a virtual scrapbook on your phone or tablet. You can make text entries and add photos if you like, and personalize the look of entries with different fonts and photo frames. You can view thumbnails of your entries in calendar mode — although you can make multiple entries per day — or grouped by location. You can also search through them by keyword.

Save your travel memories as PDFs and share them by email. Or you can keep some of your entries private, in diarist tradition, by password protecting them. Wonderful Days is free in the iTunes Store.

You can evoke and share memories of your trip in ways new and old using these mobile apps. What other apps do you find to be invaluable for making sure that you’ve captured the moment?

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