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MIUI 9 for Redmi Note 3 expected date and features

Redmi Note is one of the most reliable smartphone launched by Xiaomi. The biggest Chinese firm, Xiaomi is going to launch Xiaomi MIUI 9 ROM. Xiaomi MIUI 9 ROM is one of the most awaited skin and all the Redmi users are very curious to know the latest features that comes with this amazing skin. We all know that this company has always been working for customer satisfaction.  This time Xiaomi MIUI 9 ROM will bring you various latest features that have been teased by the company. It seems that the company has developing this new Xiaomi MIUI 9 according to the benefit of users.

It seems the Xiaomi MIUI 9 is completely based on the Android 7.0 Nougat. The company ensures that this new skin will definitely liked by the customers and it would definitely give an upgrade on Marshmallow – powered MIUI 9. This means that lots of MI headsets can make use of this new skin of Xiaomi. It is quite unfortunate that the teaser does not tell us much about new Xiaomi MIUI 9. The version number which is running on MI devices is

New Updates of Xiaomi MIUI 9 ROM

As we have already told you that the company is working hard on the latest update of its operating system. This new iconic Android-based mobile operating system is based on Nougat (latest Android Operating System). As we have a look on the teaser, there is no specific info about this new update. There are few shot of this Xiaomi MIUI 9 have been spotted on some sites which show the build version of 9.10.13 and The users are expecting to have better control over some of the MI apps in this new update. You can check about XIAOMI MI 5S PLUS as weel

It is quite good news that the company is working hard to please the Xiaomi fans. But it is quite difficult for the users to wait for the launch of this new update whereas the most exciting part of this news is that all the Xiaomi users are waiting for the company to pull over the curtain on Xiaomi MIUI 9. As per the pop up or leaks on net, we can say that the company have revamped the some important apps like note, phone, camera, etc. We should thank the company for making such amazing changes on its latest update (Xiaomi MIUI 9).

Expected Release Date of Xiaomi MIUI 9

We know that all the Xiaomi fans are curiously waiting for the release date of Xiaomi MIUI 9. As per the news we can expect the launch of this new update in the month of May or June in 2017. This is quite great news for the tech enthusiastic, who are using the MI Note 3 to update their device with this new update. Unfortunately the leaked teaser cannot tell us the exact release date of Xiaomi MIUI 9. But it is quite sure that it will arrive soon. So we can only advice to all the Redmi Note 3 users to wait for the latest news regarding this new Update.


All the MI Xiaomi users are curiously waiting for this new update. The customers are expecting from this new skin is that the company has improved the functionality of some of its apps. We all are expecting to get this new update on our Xiaomi device from May or June in 2017 but it is confirmed that this new skin will amaze you with its features. It will efficiently works in Redmi Note 3 devices and all the users just have to wait for this Xiaomi MIUI 9 ROM release date.