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Mistakes sellers make that ruin their curb appeal

Selling a house is no easy feat. Even though there is demand for housing in the market, buyers don’t get convinced easily. Be it Real Estate Kolkata or Kochi, buyers always want value for their buck and the scan the house and look into the minutest details sometimes before parting with their cash. Of course different buyers have different needs. While you can please everyone, making a good first impression is crucial. That’s where the curb appeal of house comes in. Curb appeal means the external appearance of your house. Most modern homes look similar in all the states, but if it’s an older house, they differ in appearance depending on the place. The external appearance of a house in Kolkata is very different form the one in Kochi; the design elements vary. Irrespective of the style and design of the house, the curb appeal needs to be worked on. How would your house look to someone driving past your house? What impression will they have? Curb appeal becomes a necessary factor to make a sale. Let’s look at some mistakes that sellers make that completely ruin their curb appeal. If your house has these mistakes, it’s best to change them in order to improve your curb appeal and better your chances of sale.

No effort- Many sellers don’t realize the importance of a curb appeal and focus all their attention on doing up the interiors of the house. A good interior is important but you cannot ignore the exterior of the house if you want to make a sale. The number on mistake of seller’s in terms of curb appeal is that they do nothing about it.

Clutter- When you are living in the house, clutter is acceptable as it is your personal choice. But when you are putting your house on sale, clutter can be a deal break. You need to keep all the junk out of sight. Too many shoes, wastes etc are an eye sore. Keep only the good important pieces in the front yard, so that the buyers can get an idea of how the space can be utilized.

Dead landscaping- If you have a front yard or some space in the front of your house, make sure it does not look dead. Dead dull plants can kill the curb appeal. Make sure you water your plants or add a few colorful ones if there are none. This will dramatically increase the curb appeal of your house.

Paint- If the house looks dead or work out from the exterior, people will immediately calculate the expenses they have to incur to repaint the place and might mentally cross out your house. If the paint of the exteriors is peeling, then you might need a touch up. It could not be financially viable for you to paint the entire house, but at least touch up in places where it’s obvious. Dull and peeling paint kills the curb appeal of the house.

Shocking Colors- While on the topic of paint, it is essential to know that if your house is painted in some bright, bold and shocking color, it could be a deal breaker for you. Always go for a neutral color. Look around your neighborhood and see which colors are used for the houses. Your house should easily blend in with the neighborhood and not attract attention for the wrong reasons. Many buyers are completely put off by bold colors. It is essential to remember that the buyer will not necessarily have the same taste as you. If you want you can paint your next house in a bold color, but do not pass one off to a potential buyer.