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What Makes Minecraft Different?

If you take a look at the current video game landscape you’ll see quite the trend. Games are generally progressing away from the RPG/Adventure genre and towards the first person shooter genre. Of course, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as this trend has been ongoing for quite some time. People have become accustomed to expecting high paced, competitive gameplay and would rather leave adventures for the movies.



However, this is quickly changing thanks to the release of some high profile games. Arguably, the single game that is swaying people back towards open-ended adventure games is none other than Minecraft. Released in 2009 by a single developer named Notch, Minecraft has gone on to become nothing short of a phenomenon. In fact, Minecraft was so popular by itself that it allowed its developers to go on and launch a highly successful company named Mojang.


If you’re not familiar with Minecraft (i.e. haven’t been paying attention whatsoever) allow me to give you a brief rundown of what sets it apart from other games. Minecraft games Minecraft adventure and more are all what help to differentiate this game from the pack.


Open Ended Gameplay

First and foremost, the single biggest element of Minecraft that sets its apart from its competitors is its open ended play. While there are other open ended games on the market Minecraft is in a league of its own. In fact, Minecraft is so open ended that it actually has no story whatsoever. This is the beauty of the game. You are free to form your own adventure. That includes being able to explore the world, fight off bad guys and a whole plethora of other things.


Crafting & Construction

Seeing how the game is called Minecraft, it should come as no surprise that crafting is one of the biggest elements of the game. Found around each randomly generated world is a number of different ores and materials. You can then use these ores and materials to create everything from armor and weapons to tool and construction materials – which lead us to our next point.


Minecraft has seen a highly dedicated community of budding constructors who create all sorts of different structures. Entire replicas of major areas including New York City have been created within the world.


Online Play

The thing that really brings everything together is Minecraft’s online play. Sure, many other games also have online play but with all of Minecrafts exciting features, it is in a league of its own. Now, you’re not alone in the massive world mining your own ores but you can do it with your friends. This means you can create your own adventures and scenarios taking advantage of all that Minecraft has to offer.


All in all, Minecraft is undoubtedly a great game and definitely something you’re going to want to check out. Minecraft games minecraft and all things that have to do with Mojang’s masterpiece are in a league of their own. You will without a doubt find yourself in a myriad of adventures you wouldn’t be able to experience in any other game.