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Microsoft’s chilling, charming ‘walking dead’ advert

Sure, again from the lifeless. Or something.

I to find the rotting undead far extra frightening to have a look at than a protective lineman or an unadorned personal part.

I could, due to this fact, have been one of the crucial fourteen (Technically flawed estimate) people who neglected the choicest of AMC’s “The walking useless.”

However, Microsoft made up our minds to not pass over the chance of heralding this convoy’s return. So it introduced an advert devoted to its at-oneness with Zombiefication.

As with all nice motion pictures of nastiness, everything right here begins well.

There are packing packing containers. There is a good-looking man. There is human hope. This couple is taking part in love. Sure, timeless love.

They have already been featured in previous Microsoft “walking useless” advertisements. But now they’re making a commitment.

The man starts off evolved to finger his home windows tablet. It’s Lenovo Yoga. He is skipping along with his extremely alive lady friend.

And then it all turns into Fright evening. There’s a Micronesia Lamia digital featured close to the end, however I might reasonably go away you cliffhanging.

Will the couple survive? Or will at least one of them be solid to the limbo from which nobody comes or goes?