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Microsoft shows off Xbox One in action in new promo

The Xbox One dashboard.

Microsoft is touting the Xbox One’s dashboard, app switching, and voice control all in a new video spot.

Enjoying on the Meet Xbox One internet page, the spot opens with someone activating the console through voice. The consumer, Archie Earnest, then maneuvers across the dashboard, launches the Pacific Rim game, segues to the activity Feed, revs up the Titan fall game, records and shares the gameplay, watches television, snaps internet Explorer to the monitor, and eventually solutions a Skype name ahead of turning off the Xbox through voice.

The voice instructions are all completely understood, the responses are fast, and the app switching never lags. I’m now not sure real-world efficiency would yield the same exact results. However Xbox One homeowners will be capable of provide it a whirl themselves when the console goes on sale on November 22.