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Metro Version Of Google Chrome In the Works

With Windows 8 Consumer Preview released a month ago, all the software vendors must be looking forward to release new updates and make their applications compatible with all new Windows 8. The final version of the upcoming Windows will be released in the last quarter of the year. We all will be using metro version of our favourite apps when Microsoft releases the final build of the Windows 8.

As of now, the only metro based browser that runs on Windows 8 Consumer preview is Internet Explorer 10. No matter how much progress will be made to Internet Explorer, there will always be a lot of users who prefer other browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome and Opera, and the good news is that companies behind these popular browsers have already started working to make the metro styled version of their browsers for Windows 8.




A recent announcement by a Google spokesperson confirmed that the development of the touch-enabled version of Google Chrome browser for Windows 8 has begun, and the beta version of the browser will be available to download soon. If you have used Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you must be familiar with the Metro interface.

Chrome team has been successful so far in releasing a new stable version of the browser for Windows 7 every 6 months. Hope this kind of development continues, and we will see the metro version of Chrome browser very soon. Earlier this week, Mozilla also announced that the metro styled version of Firefox browser was coming.

According to the Microsoft’s recently published white paper, third party browsers are welcome to use the metro interface but users will be able to use only one metro browser at a time. If you want to use metro styled Chrome browser, you’ll first have to set it as default, and same goes for the Firefox browser. That means if you are using metro version of Chrome, you are not allowed to use metro version of Firefox at the same time.

This could be a problem for users who tend to prefer different browsers for certain things, and switch back and forth quite a bit. Anyway, nothing is impossible. Clever minds will surely come up with some trick to use metro version of the browsers at the same time. If you have something to say on this topic, drop-in your comments below.