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Making money in a volatile market

For any of you who have been following the market recently or been looking to invest some money, the financial landscape has been a difficult one to read. Long gone are the days when bank accounts yielded enough interest to make it a preferable choice, now people have been dabbling in the stock market or perusing spread betting reviews to find sites where they can trade on their own time.

But the final quarter of 2015 and first months of 2016 have been laden with volatility and change. Commodities have been both rapidly increasing and decreasing in value, currencies have been skyrocketing and then falling against each other, and all the while crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are fast becoming an acceptable alternative to the brick and mortar banks that we grew up believing in. But rather than retreat from the markets to find safer investments, the rapid changes are a great chance for astute individuals to make a real profit.

Oil: While the price of oil has taken one of the largest tumbles in its’ history since last year, recent talks of scaling back production and Saudi Arabia agreeing to play along with OPEC mean that we could be looking at a short-term revival burst which could see the price of a barrel of oil hit the $40 mark again. While this may not be good for energy and petrol prices, this is certainly worth a look at a spot investment in for a quick ‘in-and-out’ win.

Gold: As the highest earning commodity of the year, Gold has been a safe investment once again for traders eager to safeguard their money from the capitulation of the GBP and other currencies in the Forex markets. While purchasing gold directly may not be a solution in many peoples’ minds, using a broker like CMC Markets to predict whether the upward trend will continue or whether it will inevitably decline as the currency market settles, could yield a quick profit.

Forex: The more targeted term relating to the currency market, this has been a minefield of opportunity or despair for many an investor recently. With huge fluctuations since the US rate rise last year and the Great British Pound getting hammered against the United States Dollar with talks of an exit from the EU – ‘Brexit’ – a chance to make a quick buck is available for all (pardon the pun!)

Bitcoin: A largely unheard of currency that has been making up huge ground in the past few years, this was actually the most successful performing currency of 2015 in terms of yearly growth. While many have often considered this a ‘dark-web funding platform’ due to its’ media coverage in ransoms and illegal purchases, it has recently gained favour with many investors and larger firms as its’ price has increased and the security of the currency has been improved. This is definitely one to watch and again can be traded against the Dollar at most online Forex sites.

While there are many more things we could list here as alternative investment opportunities, we thought we’d leave it here and let you check out some of the spread betting sites for yourself, where you can find many more opportunities to review.