Making decisions with your spouse.

It is very essential to build trust amongst spouses. It the duty of spouses to involve each other in decision making so as to build a strong relationship. Most of the time facing obstacles together will help build an unbreakable bond between spouses. For this reason, there are a number of decisions to be made that would necessarily require you to involve your spouse, so as to help share the burden and also to overcome obstacles together. With that the trust is built and that way a spouse will be able to confide in the other at all times.

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Getting a mortgage is usually easier if you are a couple. There’s two sets of income to be taken into consideration for the loan for example, so straight away you can probably afford a bigger and better house together than what you could obtain separately. Also, if one of the partnership has a less than stellar credit rating, the other partners better credit rating will even things out and allow them both to get a good mortgage. This is particularly important with things like a Contractors Mortgage where the mortgage calculations made by the lenders are a lot more complex and take into account a lot of additional factors.


It is very essential that spouses communicate freely about relocation from one place to another. This is because of attachments formed in places of work and also issues of resettlement. It may seem odd, but some long distance relationships do not work out simply because the issue of relocation was not addressed. It is therefore very important to express honest views on relocation from one place to another.


A major source of conflict in a relationship can be money and spending. Most couples do not take time to sit down and plan on their earnings, savings, and spending. It is quite important to get into an agreement on what money should be spent on what. Spouses may think that since they get their earnings separately, then the decision on what they spend should be made individually but that is not the case where a joint household and joint bills apply. To ensure no difficulties in the future, it is likely to be better to have the discussion about saving and spending from the outset, so that you avoid any nasty surprises in the future.

How to spend their free time.

Odd right? No one should dictate anyone’ free time. But as for couples who have made a decision to have a lifetime together, it is quite important that they decide what they should do together on days which they are not at work. This is to help build the relationship and make it strong and intimate. For example, a couple may decide that every Saturday after a cleanup, they will watch television together just to have fun and enjoy each others company.

Involving your partner at making decisions is the ultimate key to a long lasting relationship.

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