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Freelancer’s Guide: 6 Steps to Make Money on Contentmart

Have you just registered on Contentmart? Are you struggling to get enough work on Contentmart?

What you might be missing is not actually the ability to do the job, but the expertise to get a perfect job.

Contentmart is the India’s no. 1 Content marketplace for writers and clients. Knowing how to use Contentmart and make the most out of it is important. It will enhance the probabilities of getting hired, and get more orders to deliver top notch work that clients from across the globe will give your good testimonials for— hence, creating a worthy cycle of more hiring.


Here are 6 steps to help you start quickly in Contentmart—

1. Register at Contentmart


Pick a nickname for your profile, and enter email and password. A good nickname is very important because, that’s the first thing client will notice about you.

Also, complete your profile.


2. Define your Expertise

Choosing skills expertise, language and categories are extremely crucial because it affects how you’re found by potential clients and also how you are suspected. Luckily, the process can be easily completed by selecting the languages you’re proficient at, your expertise field and the categories you’re comfortable at writing.


3. Write a clear “about”

Writing “about” can be easily done once you have finished up the previous crucial work. When you write for your about section, try to flaunt arguments for why a client should hire you over other freelance writers by focusing on the best pitches first.


Most of the clients are interested in influences that emphasis on the quality and higher ROI.

4. Take a Test

In Contentmart, before you start bidding on projects, you need to pass an English Language Test.


Also, going through a few tests that are relevant to the writing you do is the best way to endorse what you show in your profile description.


In case English is not your first language, use the English tests circuitously to prove your skill to communicate. There are more languages for which you can take the test.

5. Upload your portfolio

With the all the work you’ve done up to now, add some sample work into the portfolio section of your Contentmart profile to give clients an idea of the kind of writing work you do.


Preferably, you want to flaunt not only your best work to clients, but your different skills and writing project types. It’s also useful to update your portfolio regularly with new works as your career progresses.

6. Start with low bid

Start uploading your sample work and show your skills to clients. Even when you’re just starting off, you need to think long-term. Be honest, over-deliver, and spread your reputation. Start by bidding low. You can then work towards higher pay rate once you start gaining more experience and better review & rating. To increase your probability of getting hired for your first projects, ensure to answer everything when bidding and tell you’re a right one to be picked by referring to your experience and skills.

The above list may look to be quite overwhelming if you’re just starting off, but are worth following. When you’re bidding for a project, go through the order description carefully and bid by replying to client’s order and queries, if any.

Many times it happens that a client gets over 40 bids that aren’t even close to responding what they need. If you can be among the a few bidders who respond to everything that’s asked by the client, you get higher probabilities of being awarded the order.

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