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Maintenance Equipment for Airplane Enthusiasts

Being a pilot takes guts. It also takes bucks, but it helps to know what you really have to spend a bundle on and what you can do without. If you have your own airplane—or hope to—and you perform your own maintenance, you’ll need a few supplies to get up and running.
Hand Tools
If you’re working on planes, you’ll need a variety of tools. Some are pretty standard, like screwdrivers, only you’ll want to make sure you get them while considering your work environment. In hangars or on asphalt runways, things get sweaty fast. You’ll want rubber-handled tools to help you keep a tight grip on whatever task you’re performing.
Pliers and wrenches are both used quite often too, just make sure to keep an eye out for durable and how they’ll be used. It’s imperative for pliers to be able to handle the stress of constant use without snapping. It’s just as important for wrenches to be short enough to fit inside the confined spaces found within an aircraft.

Power Tools
Depending on the system you’re working on, you may have a need for heavy-duty power tools, but many times those are specialty jobs. For the Average Joe working on everyday maintenance, the power tools you use may be more along the lines of power screwdrivers, drills, hydraulic jacks and other common items.
It can be difficult to power several of these at once, so you’ll need a power source capable of handling multiple items. Because of their wide range of uses, 28 volt power supplies are especially popular. They plug directly into 110 or 220 volt plug-in and can offer you extreme convenience.

Comparing Ground Power Units
Prices vary considerably between these sources, and rightly so. Some have highly advanced features meant for portable power wherever you are in the world. Others are hybrids, capable of running off multiple fuel systems. To be honest, for many hobbyists they’d be serious overkill and would be bad for your budget. Others are more modest units capable of providing you will all of the power you need right where you’re likely to be.
Some flying enthusiasts have no qualms over cash. They can buy the highest performing aircraft as soon as they’ve got a few hours in the logbooks. They don’t have to worry about ever changing a light bulb, and more often than not, they never move to far away from the airport. If you figure out how to make reasonable repairs on your own, you can feel more competent and enjoy your plane more.