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Main differences between web apps and downloadable apps

Using your mobile phone or tablet has become an everyday activity, with people now utilising handheld technology to improve their overall quality of life from a personal and occupational perspective. The fact there are now in excess of one million downloadable apps across Play Store, App Store and other markets illustrates how easy it is for you to personalise your device to suit your tastes and requirements. From games and fitness to maps and social media, there are so many options available at your fingertips to access the information or function that you wish to receive within seconds.

If the plethora of downloadable apps were not only to whet your appetite, the ability to access the internet via Wi-Fi and 4G creates even more options whilst on the go wherever you are. Websites that are built using multi-platform software that effectively scale to suit the screen size across a number of devices is arguably the best avenue to go down for any tech-savvy company who wish to ensure their customers are not alienated by exclusivity and can continue to buy products or play games via mobile or tablet devices. Optimised websites which provide you with an app to download, which are otherwise known as web apps, function differently than those found across Play Store and other app markets, and although they ultimately provide the same service and overall purpose, there are differences between the two that may change the way you use your mobile or tablet.

Ever-increasing hardware capacities make it possible for you to download a whole host of apps from any market of your choosing onto your device to be used any time you desire. Apps are specifically designed to provide instant access to a programme-based interface that enables you to utilise the controls and commands on your devices. Gaming, social media (Snapchat, Instagram, etc.), music and other forms of popular apps are made to work across a multitude of devices; this is only made possible by the use of multi-platform software within the app development process, as there are some, such as Fallout Shelter, that were made exclusive by Bethesda for iOS device users before they redesigned it to be used across Android devices.

Every app is designed to include user-friendly controls and navigation to ensure that you are able to use every feature without running into difficulty, while graphics and animation software is rendered at a suitable level to ensure they run smoothly on handheld devices. This is particularly essential on gaming apps where the physics have to be spot on in order to provide you with the best gaming experience and not encounter glitches or errors.

Web apps ultimately serve the same purpose as downloadable apps, but their functions and overall appearance set them apart. The first perk that becomes apparent when using a web app is that it provides you with instant access to the homepage of your favourite website, whether it is casino gaming provider Uptown Aces or clothes retailer, without having to load up an internet browser on your mobile and enter the specific link; this may only save a few seconds at most, but if you want to access your favourite sites at the single touch of a screen whilst on the go, web apps is the answer.

Unlike your standard apps found on download markets, web apps are stored on remote servers and delivered via the internet through an interface that looks identical to that of a browser on your computer screen. The subtle differences lie within the overall layout and design; every web app that has multi-platform software built into its programme effectively scales itself to appear nicely on your mobile or tablet screen without looking distorted, disproportionate or non-functional. It certainly provides the same appearances and functions as a normal web browser, but web apps are more beneficial for those who wish to gain access to their favourite online games or make one-click purchases for clothes, electrical equipment or other products you wish to buy via your mobile.

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