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Maharashtra cops use GPS locator in car to nab criminals

Maharashtra cops use GPS locator in car

It is not often that you see a seamless integration between Indian law enforcement agencies and the use of technology. But here’s one example that is pretty satisfying. On Thursday, cops from the Sangvi district in Maharashtra made use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) in a vehicle to arrest two men in a matter of hours, according to the Time of India. The accused were charged with robbing employees of Tech Mahindra on the same day.

The case involved two Tech Mahindra employees being attacked by four men armed with knives, who stole the car, valuables as well as an ATM card and PIN of one of the employees. The attackers were then reported having withdrawn Rs 20,000 using the stolen ATM card. After the company management was informed and a complaint was made to the authorities, the Sangvi cops began tracking the stolen vehicle’s movements via GPS. The car itself was finally seized at 6.30 AM. Two of the four perpetrators were arrested.

A search warrant is needed to track a car

Indian cops used GPS locator in a car to catch fleeing culprits

Global Positioning System is a satellite-navigation system that provides real time information about the user’s location based on the signal that is transmitted to the space-borne GPS satellite network. The best part of GPS is that it is functional in all forms of weather, as long as the user is in an unobtrusive line of sight with at least four GPS satellites. The system, which was developed by the US government, is free for anyone as long at they have a GPS receiver. Russia also has a similar system in place, termed GLONASS (Russian Global Navigation Satellite System). The military application of this system is wide-spread, as is its use in the civilian sphere.

Shahji Umap, Deputy Commissioner of Police (zone III), was verbal in his appreciation for the aid GPS technology gave to local authorities, while appealed to citizens to install the same on their vehicles. While talking about this, Umap said, “The suspects during interrogation said that they usually targeted single-storeyed houses, but on Thursday they had planned to loot goods trucks on highways for which they needed a car.”


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