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Local SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Local search is gaining more popularity nowadays since people started using search engines to find local businesses and services. If you own a business that is geographically-defined, what you need to focus more on is Local SEO. Ranking on local search is no simpler than ranking on global organic search. Rather, it requires some more complicated work to leverage on the local search. More people are using some kind of mobile device to connect to the internet nowadays and their searches usually return localized results; and this makes it even more important to rank on local search than ever before. Here are some best practices to follow while optimizing your business for local SEO.

Claim your Google places spot

Claiming your free spot on Google Places is how you should begin your local SEO campaign. It’s free to get listed and enables people who use Google search as well as maps to see your business details. In order to get the most of it, you should fill up all necessary elements in the Google Places spot such as address, website and telephone number. Additionally, you can add your important keywords in the description field in a natural sounding manner. Your customers can add reviews on your business, so it goes without saying that you should make your customers happy. Ranking here is similar to that of organic search and you can get some help from local business SEO services.

Encourage positive reviews

Anyone who uses search engines to find a local business is likely to look for reviews on the same to determine the company to go with. Regardless of your products and services, you will have both happy and unhappy customers. What you should do is encourage your happy customers to leave a review on your business by offering some bonus or by any other means that works for your kind of business. A negative review is hard to hide, so doing good business is the ultimate key.

Create visitor specific landing pages

If your Local business has offices/stores in more than one location, it makes perfect sense to integrate location specific landing pages. A location specific landing page detects the location of the visitor and provides them with the closest business location details. Thus you don’t have to worry about adding the details of your multiple business locations in a single home page and things will look more streamlined and professional. It is also important to make a mobile optimized page for people searching on the go.

Utilize local directory listings

There are plenty of local directories that list businesses for free. Many users tend to use these directories when they have to find local businesses, of course not all of them. Why should you waste a mention and sometimes a backlink when it’s totally free of cost? As an added benefit, you get backlinks and it can obviously improve your rankings. Make sure you add your business in the proper directory which is related to the business or else it can even have negative impact. So, go ahead and get your site listed in these business directories as more popularity means more business.