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The little company trying to revolutionize how you find apps

Quixey has a novel option to shake up how we find cell apps: let folk’s kind of their requests the usage of commonplace language, and the company will dig up the suitable application.

Sounds pretty common, proper? Unfortunately, it’s not how the large app shops function. Unless you understand the name of the app, or are prepared to scroll through lists of apps beneath a category, there actually is not a good way to slender down the app you really want.

Quixey believes it has a better method. You want an app that tracks your run? Simply type that out and it is going to carry you the very best apps. Guru Gowrappan, got vice chairman of product for Quixey, referred to as the present app store paradigm of looking via title “model 1.0” of how we seek for apps. Quixey believes it could possibly bring in version, which mimics the usual web search the place users can describe what they need.

“We’re still in world with how app shops work,” Gowrappan advised CNET. “It is an in reality common degree, and that’s the reason really mistaken for the person.”

Quixey has slowly built up its credibility silently powering different app search engines like Google and yahoo, most particularly sprint’s personal app retailer and It made some waves after Chinese search massive led a $50 million funding spherical for the corporate. But it made its largest move into the patron arena on Wednesday via launching a search app on Android.

Quixey has to this point garnered certain evaluations on Google Play, despite the fact that the numbers (a four.7 moderate on 79 evaluations) are not that spectacular? Sarcastically, as an app designed to lend a hand folks in finding apps, Quixey doesn’t have a good way to let folks in finding its app.

Quixey is, alternatively, a potential solution for what has been an ongoing problem for developers: getting their apps found out. With so many apps in only one app store — Apple’s App retailer, for example, boasts more than 1 million — a number of apps, together with high quality packages, get misplaced within the shuffle.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based firm targets to make it smarter. It considers itself a search platform first and employs numerous factors in generating outcomes together with customer ratings and recognition.

Discovering the suitable app is most effective the start. Quixey eventually needs to deepen the search outcomes to seek out the best capability within apps, including apps that you already have.

Kayak, for example, has the ability to trace flight prices, a function that not everybody may not necessarily know about. Quixey can in finding and spotlight it for customers.

“There may be so much content material trapped inside an app,” Gowrappan mentioned. “It’s unfair that it takes a number of steps to get to that content material.”

In a roundabout way, Quixey needs to break the “walled gardens” of the various working methods and run searches throughout structures, regardless of whether or not it’s an iOS, Android, or windows cell phone, and even windows 8 and internet apps.

That, in fact, isn’t moderately possible at this time, however Gowrappan stated this sort of goal is quarters away, and now not years away.

“Going deep is where we’re going to damage gardens,” he mentioned.

While Quite has quite a lot of bold concepts, it’s starting so much smaller. The companies selected to construct an app for Android first because it represented the largest attainable base of customers, which best possible helps the corporate high quality tune its search mechanics and get essentially the most comments. Gowrappan stated he does not expect to move to every other platform for a minimum of some other few months.

The app, which is to be had for free, does not generate any revenue for now. However quite will ultimately commence introducing backed app ideas in the next few weeks. The company already employs subsidized apps with its search partners.

In a roundabout way it styles itself as a Google for apps, and perhaps even more.

“The mission for us: we wish to be the gateway into the sector the place the rest you need to do is at your fingertips,” Gowrappan stated.