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List of the best restaurants in Dubai for 2017

According to a poll organized by the Dubai Festival of Eating, which lasted for two weeks and more than 3,458 voters participated, the festival placed a list of the best restaurants in Dubai based on the vote of voters, as follows:

Local Bites Café Restaurant: Located on the Jumeirah Beach road, featured by black and white décor, decorated with several iconic Emirati statues. The restaurant serves a delicious menu of Emirati cuisine in a modern way.

Logma Restaurant: Located in front of the box park on the Wasl road, it is open until midnight and serves all types of food whether it is delicious sandwiches, salads or sweet pastries.

Milas Restaurant: Located in the Dubai Mall and named Milas, which is the literal expression of the word “Majlis” in the UAE dialect, the place where guests are greeted at the traditional Emirati house. The restaurant is popular due to its traditional food menu with a modern touch.

Zaman Awal Restaurant: Located on the Gulf of Dubai in the area of Umm Hreir and is one of the most important restaurants to visit, whether you are a citizen or a tourist because of its menu, which is entirely made of the most famous traditional UAE food.

Aadan Restaurant: Located in the Baniyas area, it is popular for its famous al-Mandi meal, a Gulf meal made of spicy and cooked meat in tandoori served with rice.

Al-Barza Restaurant and Café: Located in front of the Dubai Zoo, it is featured by its modern style and its outdoor dining seating and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the UAE heritage.

Al-Jalboot Restaurant: Located next to Dubai port, it features a variety of dishes; the most famous is a delicious fish meal.

Local House Restaurant: Located in the Bastakiya area of Mina Bazaar market, it features a selection of Emirati dishes, most notably camel meat.

Algharshoob Restaurant: Located in the Rashidiya area, it features its menu of seafood and Emirati meals that attract experience lovers to everything new.

Bait Al Bahr Restaurant: The restaurant is very popular among many visitors due to its location on the sea and its significant menu of sushi, sandwiches, and salads.

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