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Light Up Your Video Chats

With the increase of video chatting popularity, Skype, FaceTime and other services are now heavily integrated into commercial and personal communication. Be it a professional interview or friendly chat, quality is everything. Cell phone cameras and computer webcams have limited clarity and can be frustrating when their challenges get in the way of successful conversations.

Video chatting can make distance a triviality in relationships. Deployed soldiers, boarding students, and long distance couples are everyday realities of the modern world. Video conferencing allows these people to speak with their loved ones in an intimate way, but with distance comes logistical problems. Chatting from different time zones, individuals may be stressed trying to find adequate lighting. Without access to stable light sources, people can look washed out or nearly impossible to see, which defeats the purpose of chatting altogether. Strange lighting is unflattering to people of all ages. Bad lighting undermines efforts to impress a romantic partner or reassure a worried grandmother.

Video conferencing is now used to connect business partners across oceans. However, late night conversations are blurry, while sun-lit conversations are blinding. Although this may seem like a small inconvenience, poor lighting can be career-damaging in the business world. The constant necessity to find better lighting reflects poorly on preparedness. The lack of image quality is a subconscious sign of a unprofessional skills. With business meetings with superiors or potential partners, poor lighting makes a poor impression.

With family in six different countries, video chatting is a part of my life. Unfortunately, the built in webcam on my laptop is unable to handle sun glare, leaving me looking like a white blotch. Camera problems effectively turn video chats into regular phone calls. This was a bearable problem until it came to my first job interview. The time I took to set up a decently lit area while on camera may have cost me the job. While technology can make our lives easier, it comes with these additional issues. However, I finally found an amazing little video conferencing light to solve my problems!

A stable and high-quality source of lighting is the key to making a good impression on business partners and keeping healthy long-distance relationships. Chatlight’s portable and easy-to-use tool is a must-have for professionals and daily use. It snaps on to handheld and larger devices, making it perfect for on-the-go communication. A steady light source can handle changes in location smoothly, allowing movement without interrupting the conversation at hand. The glow is also soft and flattering for personal use, making you appear polished and composed. A necessity for the modern conversationalist, Chatlight is the solution to videoconferencing troubles.