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LG to unveil unbreakable, flexible displays

LG to unveil unbreakable

LG will be unveiling an unbreakable and flexible 5-inch plastic OLED panel to be used on mobile devices, reports IBNLive. According to the report, South Korea-based LG Display will also bring 5-inch and 7-inch HD LCD panels based on Oxide TFT to the market.


Going by the details known at the moment, the 5-inch HD panel will come with a 1.0 mm bezel, translating to “borderless smartphones” that are not only light, but also give out noticeably less heat. The 7-inch HD LCD panel will pack in touch function-embedded technology that allows touch ability in thin and lightweight mobile products.


To bring unbreakable, flexible displays



However, LG isn’t the first to have ventured into this space. At CES this year, South Korean electronics giant Samsung raised the curtains on its flexible OLED display line – Youm. On stage at the event, Brian Berkeley, Senior VP, Samsung’s San Jose Display Lab, noted, “Youm doesn’t just bend the rules of display technologies, it completely rewrites them.”


Berkeley went on to show curious attendees a prototype of the flexible OLED display, while claiming it wouldn’t break even if dropped. Berkeley added how his team had readied a prototype of high-resolution display on extremely thin plastic, instead of glass. Showing just how flexible the prototype display actually is, Berkeley bent it from side-to-side, amidst a whole round of applause.