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LG Optimus G Pro vs Oppo Find 5-Comparison

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The LG Optimus G Pro was released at MWC, alongside a new range of LG budget to mid-range smartphones. While the phone company has had less than stellar earning reports when it comes to mobiles, they are confident this year will bring better luck.

Oppo, on the other hand, have just moved away from a crowded Chinese market, with an international launch of the Find 5 smartphone underway. The phone has many top end features that make it such a good competitor.

Design & Display

For an emerging Chinese company, the Oppo Find 5 is an incredibly well built smartphone. Its design has flares of Xperia design and we just find it beautiful. Comparing that to the LG Optimus G Pro, another nicely designed smartphone, we still feel the Oppo Find 5 surges ahead.

The LG Optimus G Pro has a slightly larger screen but the Oppo Find 5 has a larger pixel density. Both phones reproduce text very well and images look very vivid and full of color. We expect users will base this on whatever size they find more attractive.


The LG Optimus G Pro packs a slightly newer and faster Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, although the speeds are marginally different. Both have 2GB of RAM and Adreno 320 GPU.

The battery life is better on the LG Optimus G Pro, with a 3,140mAh compared to Oppo Find 5’s 2,500mAh. The battery on the Optimus G Pro is also removable, while the Oppo Find 5 has a unibody design.

Storage sizes are similar, at 32GB the top tier for both smartphones. LG does offer an advancement of another 32GB, through an SDcard.

This round goes to the LG Optimus G Pro; it has better speeds, longer battery life and more storage.


Both phones have 13MP rear shooters; the LG Optimus G Pro has a slightly better front camera. The phones have different software and the Oppo Find 5 allows you to shoot video at 120FPS slow-mo.

Both cameras are not ideal and do not shoot great photos, but in our view the LG smartphone does a better job of image clarity and color reproduction.

Operating System

Both smartphones have Android Jelly Bean, although you will never see that delicious operating system as it is packed under a heavily developed skin.

The Oppo skin shows that the company needs to focus more time looking for top software developers. The widgets added look abstract but in a way that fails to make us excited or remotely curious.

LG has the same problem of not making the best interfaces, but they have made a better version than Oppo. We expect this is partly due to LG’s experience with the Android UI, while Oppo are fairly new.


The Oppo Find 5 is a much more good looking smartphone, the design and display are really impressive. LG wins on the performance and operating system, though. We would have to give this to the LG Optimus G Pro, because it feels like more of a finished product. Of course, for a first time in the international market, the Find 5 is a pretty good smartphone.


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This is a Guest Post by Raghu for techiefusion and techienize