Wednesday , February 22 2017
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Legendary racing game Carmageddon coming to Android on May 10

Legendary racing game

Legendary racing game Carmageddon is all set to appear on the Google Play Store on May 10.  The developers have finally managed to port the carnage racing game to Android after it debuted on iOS last year. As part of its launch, the game will be available for free for the first 24 hours, following which a paid-for version will appear on the Play Store.

Carmageddon made its debut on Windows and Macintosh PCs in 1997 and has since earned something of a cult following. The game was ported to the original Playstation, the Nintendo 64, and the Game Boy Color before the iOS launch last October. Fans have been calling for an Android port ever since and their clamour has finally paid off.

The Android port will feature 11 racing environments, 36 levels and 30 cars. Signing up at before May 10 automatically enters you into a contest with a chance to win a free t-shirt and a copy of Carmageddon on GOG.

Mayhem coming to Android on May 10

Mayhem coming to Android on May 10

While the arrival of the game is certainly great news, there is a bit of confusion about how the game will turn into a paid version after the launch day. As things stand, free apps on the Play Store can’t turn paid after launch. So unless the policy changes in the next week, the free app will be unpublished from the Play Store and will be replaced by a paid version. Carmageddon’s developers told Android Police that the launch offer stems from the team’s determination to get a free version of the game out on the store. That’s something that was part of a Kickstarter commitment. “The free version will be removed after 24 hours and the Paid for version will be released. The same game but different apps,” Carmageddon’s developers added.

Of course, this still does not guarantee those who pick up the free version of the game the same updates as the later paid version. Apps that have been unpublished from the Play Store still can be used if not uninstalled on the device, so Carmageddon might not run foul of fans just yet.