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Learn How to Post Status Updates in Blue Color on Facebook

We already posted many cool tricks related to Facebook like Posting Invisible Status, updating strangers status and many more so today we are again back with another amazing trick for posting Blue text messages on Facebook wall or commenting with your message in Blue Color. Well so when ever person will click on the status he will be taken to his own profile. So just check out the steps below and have fun.

Steps for Posting Blue Status on Facebook :

1. Go to and Login with your Credentials.

2. Now go to update status link and paste below code, and change the text saying YOUR TEXT HERE with your own text you want in blue color like.


@[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Your Text Here ]]


3. Now after you have done writing your text click on Post and Voila ! you will have your status in Blue Color which is dam ! awesome.



4. So isn’t this amazing trick to make text Blue in color so enjoy impressing your friends on Facebook and do share this trick if they ask you how its done.

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