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Learn How I made $5000 from freelancing website after a long struggle

It was like a dream come true when I completed my first order on Fiverr, and 14 days of waiting started before receiving the payment.

I have waited so long for this, and 50% of the struggle ends here because now I have full confidence and trust in Fiverr that I can earn Money online, which is possible and easy.

Hi, I am Chandranshu Gupta, and I live in India. I am from a middle-class family in India and have only one earning person, my father.

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The Starting Story: How I get the Inspiration of making Money Online

I won’t forget the time in Feb 2018 when I struggled day and night on Fiverr and Upwork to get my first order to believe that Online earning from home is possible.

It was the end of Jan 2018 when I randomly landed on this video, and I found that earning from home is possible and we can make a decent amount from it.

I quickly made an account on and and created a PDF editing Gig to provide the service and search the work on Upwork.

The Mid: Struggle Started

It’s the 15th of Feb 2018, and more than 15 days have passed; I was frustrated because my Upwork profile got approved, but I was not getting any Jobs even though I have submitted more than 30-40 proposals.

In the same story for my Fiverr profile, I received only one query message, and the client did not reply after the query message.

After two days, I received an mail on my registered Email (On Upwork), like the one below.

Upwork mail

After receiving this mail, I got broke and thought that earning Money from home was not as simple as I thought.

But after that mail, I searched many freelancers on Upwork and realized that most earn more than $1000 monthly.

So, I decided not to Quit, mad my second account on Upwork, and started waiting for approval.

After a few days, on the 20th of Feb 2018, I got a Notification on mobile receiving an Order on Fiverr of $20 for editing a PDF eBook.

I was like, below.


I was shocked and blank.

I thought that my struggle ended here, but I was wrong.

I am from India, and now the problem is the client was from the United States, and due to a 12-hour difference, I needed to wake up the whole night to get in touch with the client when he came online.

But the client was awesome and gave me six more orders, one after another, and due to this, my Fiverr gig was ranking on the first page of Fiverr for the keyword “edit PDF.”

The Motivation Part

After earning six orders, I was motivated because I felt proud. After all, now there were two making people in my home.

Also, after a few days, I was used to waking up at night and sleeping in the day.

I want to share my Income from Fiverr in 6 months to motivate you, which you can see below.

Fiverr earning

I also earned some money from Upwork, but from my perspective, Fiverr is a better platform if you are new in the freelancing world.

I freelanced for eight months, and then I started Blogging; again, I am in the struggling phase of blogging, and soon, I will share my success story of blogging on

The Tricky Part

There is always some trick involved in cracking anything; the same applies to freelancing websites.

After spending so many days on Fiverr, I learned how Fiverr works and how to get orders on Fiverr because orders = Money.

As you know

Money = Orders on Fiverr


orders = Traffic on your Fiverr gig

To get Traffic on your Fiverr gig, you need to rank on the first page of Fiverr so that if any client searches for your desired keyword, your gig pops up on the front.

The main question is: How can you get a ranking on the first page of Fiverr if your profile on Fiverr is new??

Also, due to a new account, your profile has no reviews, so why does anyone trust that you can do the job successfully?

In this situation, you can do two things.


Make your profile on Fiverr cre,  eat the gig in the area where you are too good, and wait for the orders to roll in. (This is what I did in my case.)

But this is not all you need to do; You have to open your profile every day during working hours in the United States (because 80% of the clients on Fiverr are from the United States) and keep doing some searches and editing your other gig so that you profiles remain active when there are high chances of getting query message/orders.

It would help if you also had some Luck in the first method.


Note: You need a little Investment to do this method, but you get the result sooner.

You must arrange the first few clients for yourself, i.e., your friend can hire you.

There are many instances that you do help and need help from your friend; in the same way, ask your friend to hire you on Fiverr if they need help from you from on-words.

I think you get my point, and I know it is not a good practice to take Money in exchange for help from your friend, but you have to do this.

After getting a few orders from your friends, you will have some good feedback, and your gig will start ranking in the Fiverr search engine.

Please note that there is a 20% Fiverr Commission on all orders, meaning you don’t receive all the Money your friend is paying to Fiverr.

If you are using the second method to get orders on Fiverr, ask your friend to place the demands on the max gap of 1-2 days because if the gap is long, it will not improve the Ranking much.

The Final thought

If you want to make Money online, then you need two things.

First: Patience

Second: continuous effort.

If you are still struggling to make money from freelancing, there are other ways to make money without much effort. For example, filling out surveys and transcription jobs are the easiest.

To get started, You have to find some legit survey companies, i.e., Survey Compare, and a website where beginner transcribers can practice, i.e., Scribie.

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