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What Laptop to Choose For University

First consider your budget when you choose a laptop for University. Consider the fact that some of the money you spend on your laptop could be used for other university expenses. Consider the fact that a top-of-the-line laptop may not be suitable for a working computer. Finally, consider the fact your new laptop could become a distraction if it is also a home-entertainment system and games console in one.

One with an in-built microphone and camera
Save money on phone calls and text messages with family and friends by buying a laptop with a built-in camera and microphone. Use the campus Wi-Fi to make contact with your friends in other dorms and to check in with your family to show them the money you are spending is adding weight to your studies and not bags under your eyes.

You do not need one with a massive battery
There is a misconception that you will need a big battery so it lasts you all day, but if you are studying on campus, then you are only ten minutes away from your dorm and usually only a few minutes away from the nearest socket. You will find you spend most of your laptop time in your dorm where sockets are a-plenty.

One with a bigger keyboard
Do not go for a smaller device with a smaller keyboard. It may be “super portable,” but it is very difficult to type on, and it will hurt your wrists when you try to type out the 12,000 words for your dissertation.

Do not buy one for gaming
Gaming, online gaming, and social media are your biggest time vampires. It is not your fault; they are built to distract and suck up all your time. You can help stop yourself succumbing to their pull by buying a laptop that can’t handle game processing very well. You will find online gaming and games from GOG or Steam a lot less appealing when they freeze or judder even if you’re using fibre optic broadband.

Set to browse the Internet and go on social media
Despite the fact that social media is a time vampire, you are going to end up using it. You are also going to rely on the Internet very heavily, so buy a laptop with good connectivity and that is set up for Internet browsing. There is nothing worse than sitting there waiting for web pages and tabs to load.

As an addendum, have more than one virus checker–because they can increase page loading and render times. Try two that do not conflict with each other, such as Norton Antivirus and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Conflicts sometimes happen with some antivirus programs. For example, Bitdefender may conflict with the two just mentioned.

30GB of memory should be fine for an academic laptop
If you want to add videos and music to your laptop, then veer closer to 60GB, but remember it is supposed to be a tool to help you study, work and learn, and isn’t supposed to be a home entertainment system. The amount of memory you have is completely up to you, but remember that the more you have, then the higher the chances are you will fill your laptop with movies, music and games.