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Landing Clients: How to Choose Your Pitch Location

Working in business requires a number of different skills and talents. In addition to being math-savvy, you must have people smarts. Regardless of your business’ size, landing clients is critical to your success. Whether you are a one-person freelance operation or work in a company with hundreds of employees, supporting the business with consistent revenue stream is a top priority.

Securing revenue requires investment. Sometimes investments need time, but often times that need money as well. As the old saying goes, “it takes money to make money.” Once you’ve put in some time, by reaching out to potential clients and securing their interest, it’s time to elevate your pitch. Keep your target involved by arranging a face to face meeting.

There’s no better place for a face to face meeting than over excellent fare and beverages. The goal in a meeting with potential clients is to secure their interest, in your product, but also in the people who make it. As in so many other business situations, it’s not what you know, but who you know. From big investors to one-time small clients, everyone wants to feel confident in your ability to deliver on your promises. When you take your clients out to a casual yet comfortable environment where you can discuss business, they will feel more at home.

Using a business dinner is the best way to put your clients’ anxieties at ease. By pampering them with a top notch dining experience, you will automatically make them more relaxed. You can use your excellent choice in ambience to demonstrate your capability. Then, once your client has settled in and relaxed, you can begin your final pitch.

The final pitch needs to be at just the right moment, when your potential client is most receptive. By taking your clients out and footing the bill, you are demonstrating your ability to take care of their needs. Now that they feel comfortable with you, tell them what makes your services so important to them. Explain any details they have questions about- you want to remove any doubt. It’s important to read the client- when they want to move on and get another glass of wine, go for it, don’t badger them, but when they are still open to listening about your services, keep pitching hard. Use the safe space of a fine dining experience as an asset during your pitch. Taking your potential clients out increases your chance of success every time.

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