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Laminate Flooring – Why not?

One of the latest trends in décor is using laminate flooring, which can look like natural stone or wood. It is easy to install, stain resistant, semi-durable, and easy to clean. It also has a low maintenance value and is inexpensive. It can be used in almost any room in the home apart from the bathroom. It is generally seen to be used extensively used in the kitchen. Even though laminate flooring has many advantages, there are some problems with this type of flooring that simply cannot be ignored and some that can. So here we bring you the cons of laminate flooring, which might lead you to not choose this for your homes or offices.

• Some people do not prefer it because it does not offer the pros of real wood even though it can look like wood

• If the flooring is installed in areas where it is constantly exposed to water it can lead to the distortion of the floor due to absorption of moisture

• It has a tendency to warp due to pressure and heat because of expansion and contraction

• It can be slippery because the flooring surface is very smooth which is why laminate flooring should not be used in a bathroom.

• There is a possibility of the flooring becoming chipped over time

• High-heeled shoes or sharp objects can scratch it. If you move appliances or heavy objects around, it can make the flooring full of scratches

• Laminate flooring tends to rise in the corners, leading to formation of peaks

• The flooring can even be spoiled by changes in the weather

• You cannot refinish or sand it so if it becomes scratched, chipped, or starts to peak in the corners. You will have to replace it

• Although laminate flooring is hard it still makes noise when someone walks on it

• The one disadvantage it has over wood flooring is that it has a shorter life span and could lower the resale value of your home.

Even if you are experiencing problems with your laminate flooring, some things can be done to overcome these problems.

• When installing laminate flooring make sure that you do not use it in the basement, laundry areas, or bathroom

• Try to avoid moving anything heavy on the phones. Use a furniture dolly or put castors on the bottom so you can glide it across the floor

• If you spill any liquids on the floor wipe it up immediately

• Do not clean the floor with water or wet mops to protect it from absorbing moisture. You can use a damp mop but make sure that it is dry and does not stay wet

• To prevent anyone from slipping put down some slip proof rugs

• There is a repair kit that you can get from the manufacture so you can repair your laminate floors

If you cannot repair your laminate flooring, it is not so expensive that it cannot be replaced. Home remodelling is a decision that not only involves time and money but also needs you to find a remodelling expert that can do a great job within your budget. Hence choose your expert and type of flooring wisely, after being completely informed about all pros and cons.