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Know Your Auto: 3 Surprising Facts About Our Nation’s Favorite Mode of Travel

Since the invention of the automobile, people have developed a passion for driving fast and loud. Automobiles are much more than a simple method of transportation; cars define your social status, personal wealth and your elegant, or tacky, taste. With all of the time you spend in that vehicle, you could be the kind of person who names your car, along with one-quarter of all Americans! Included here are a few wacky and weird facts about the automobile.

Give Me Gas

A combination of penny-pinching and earth-friendliness has led to a new generation of automobiles that are obsessed with gas mileage. In spite of all of the emphasis, the average driver spends 14.45 cents per mile, totaling roughly 23 miles per gallon across the board. With all of this fuel usage, it is easy to see why the U.S. consumes nearly half the world’s gasoline!

When idling, do you sometimes debate between shutting the car off or just letting it run? Experts say if you plan on sitting for more than one minute, you will save more gas by simply turning the engine off. Three billion gallons of gas are wasted each year in traffic congestion, while restarting your car uses only half an ounce of fuel!

Make Your Model

Even with all of the different cars on the road, there are notable favorites among them. The Toyota Corolla is the most popular car of all-time, selling more than a million each year and 3,180 per day across 150 countries and nations. This fun little automobile has definitively brought the globe together in their choice of vehicle.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, are the vehicles considered more elitist, expensive and elusive! For example, Ferrari only manufacturers a maximum of 14 cars per day, definitely not enough to keep up with the Corolla demand. But if you want to avoid a stolen vehicle, steer clear of an older model Honda Accord. The 1994 Honda Accord is the most stolen car on record, averaging 8,637 thefts per year.

Rampant Repairs

As any automobile owner will tell you, car ownership is not cheap. You face significant costs from car insurance and gas to mandatory repairs. In the U.S. more than $60 billion worth of car maintenance goes unperformed each year! This is understandable considering the average repair cost is $305.55, with $202.28 allocated for parts and another $103.27 for labor.

But just because that check engine light is on, doesn’t mean you need to fear the mechanic. Over 40% of check engine lights come on due to faulty oxygen sensors, so have it checked out to increase your peace of mind. The average consumer will spend roughly $400 per year on diagnostic checks, scheduled maintenance and tune-ups.