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Kepard VPN: Complete Network Security & Safe Web Access for our Business


My business needs VPN to help secure our private business data. We have branches across two dozen cities in three countries and all type of data is being transferred between them. This includes our employee data, payroll data, and even customer info and our business projections and revenue figures. The last thing we want is to let anyone sneak on this data. We have been relying on Kepard VPN for more than 2 years and there is no reason why we will make a switch.

Our employees need to connect to the central servers. Our websites also use the secure network. There are many great features to Kepard VPN that make it a winner for our network!

What is Kepard VPN?

Kepard is offered to us as an application. It allows transferring unlimited volume of data in encrypted form. We use their premium VPN service, which gives us complete access to all their features and servers.


It offers advanced level of encryption for all our data transfers. VPN encrypts all our data, including our revenue projections and figures, employee data, payroll data and others using the most trusted industry-accepted security protocols like L2TP and IPsec! We have long trusted the secure connectivity that it offers to our entire network and systems when our employees connect to the Internet. We don’t worry about online security when our staff surfs the web. We never had a data hacking attempt in the last 2 years.

High Level of Internet Privacy

One of the main advantages of using Kepard VPN has been that it maintains our online privacy. It doesn’t reveal our identity online, which plays a key role in thwarting so many attacks.


It hides out IP addresses and assigns different IPs to maintain the anonymous status of all our employees.

Access to All Websites

Another advantage of using Kepard is that it allows us to access all websites, without concern whether they have been restricted in our region or not. The internet plays a major role in our business model. Our marketing department relies on the web to access wider information about our prospects before making the calls. Before we started using Kepard VPN, our teams in at least one country couldn’t access major social and other sites to gather client info.

But all that changed when we signed up with Kepard. Now we are able to access sties without concern whether they are banned at the national or local level! And that has paid us well in turning up things at the sales level.

Main Features of Kepard VPN

There are many features that make Kepard so effective and highly cherished in our offices:

  • Single click connection and disconnection across our VPN connection.


  • Easier access to the settings for VPN configuration. Our IT department can easily make the adjustments.
  • Instantly altering our VPN server locations and protocols.
  • Automatic detection of all lost VPN connections and automatically promoting for reconnection.
  • Automatic updating of new Kepard server locations.

Top Reasons for Choosing Kepard VPN

There are many reasons why Kepard is the first choice of our IT department:

  • It supports L2TP, OpenVPN and PPTP.
  • They offer round-the-clock support.
  • They support 256-bit encryption. Many others are still stuck with 128-bit encryption.
  • It supports unlimited volume of traffic. There is no bandwidth limitation.
  • They support all the platforms including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, and even mobile platforms like iOS and Android.


  • They protect our network using NAT Firewall.
  • There are no delays and the application is extremely easy to use.

We have a premium VPN account with Kepard and it costs us less than $5 a month for our annual contract with them. That is more than affordable for the level of protection and convenience that they offer us.

We will recommend Kepard VPN to anyone without concern whether they are a large corporation or an individual professional!

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