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Keeping Your Horse’s Back Healthy: Tips to Follow

It is extremely important to keep a horse’s back healthy as it helps in enhancing the performance and keeping him free from any kind of pain. Furthermore, when you take care of his back, you will see him moving around happily. Many people do not have a proper idea as to how they can take care of the back of their horse in a proper manner. You have the freedom of consulting the professional physiotherapists to know more about the important tips, which will help you to take care of the back of your horse.

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You can consider the tips that are mentioned below so that your horse does not face any kind of back issues.

Using mounting blocks

You should make use of mounting blocks for mounting your horse and ensure that he stands extremely close to the mounting block so that no pressure is exerted on his back when you are mounting him.

This also helps in minimizing the twist of the saddle, thereby reducing the discomfort of your horse. You should not use your right hand for pulling the cantle as this also twists the saddle to a great extent. You should place the hand to the right of your horse behind his pommel.

Ensure that the saddle is not twisting

When you are riding with your friend, it is important that you ask him to check if the saddle is twisting or slipping. It is also important to take care of your sitting level and the stirrups, as it should be of a similar length.

Warming up the horse

When you are schooling, it will take only 15 minutes of trotting or walking for the muscles of your horse to relax and warm up. Once the muscles have warmed up, he can start working and give his best performance. You can visit the reputed websites of TVG to understand how the professional racers take care of their horse.

Letting the horse stretch

You should lunge the horse every week so that he can stretch. It is necessary for him to move around here and there without having to bear your weight. This will also allow you to take care of his movement and spot the difficulties or the changes that your horse might be facing. Keep in mind that the back muscles are showing a gentle ripple. This means that the muscles of your horse are healthy.

Caring for the back of your horse

It might be difficult for you to understand whether your horse is going through any kind of back issues. It is your duty to take him to a professional to detect how your horse is doing. If you are taking your horse out for regular races, you will need monthly checkups. Or else, you can go for an annual checkup.

Training the horse gradually

You should take care that there is no sudden change or increase in the workload of your horse. This can have a great impact on his health. The process of increasing the workload should always be gradual so that you do not cause any injury to the muscles.


If you do not take a proper care of the back of your horse, it will be difficult for him to work in the long run. Taking him for monthly or annual checkups can be helpful in detecting any kind of issues.


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