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Keep Your Computers Humming With APC Batteries

If you rely on computers for work, play, and everything in between, you know how important it is to keep them running. When it comes to losing data from unplanned power interruptions, the very thought of seeing your hard work go down the digital drain is the stuff of nightmares. So, how do you protect your computers from power surges, brownouts, and blackouts? It’s simple, really. Provide each of your machines with an APC battery unit that will supply enough power to give you time to save your work and shut down correctly.

Having a backup power supply for your PC is a lot like having a laptop. Picture yourself working on a plugged in laptop. When the power suddenly goes out. Does the laptop go blank? No, of course not. It simply switches to its battery, and you continue computing as usual. At this point, you may choose to shut it down and take care of more urgent matters, or you may simply sit there in the dark and work off of your battery.

Supplying your PC with an APC battery will give it the same functionality. The batteries may also provide surge protection, and depending on usage, they can last an average of five years. If you need a quick tutorial to learn about these handy data-saving units, read on.

1. How Much Power do You Need?

The size battery you need depends on how much and what type of computing you do. If you have one PC, a simple desktop model may be sufficient. For larger operations, with multiple computers and backup servers an entire bank of batteries may be necessary. The simplest way to know how much battery power you need is to call an expert and have him or her create a chart based on your usage.
Naturally, cost will be a factor in your decision-making process. Simple units may be priced at approximately one hundred dollars, with more peace of mind being priced higher. Again, knowing exactly what you need is critical so that you don’t spend too much, or waste money on a battery that won’t meet your needs.

2. Not All Batteries Function the Same Way

Size isn’t the only factor when it comes to pricing. In the world of APC batteries, there are three separate types, which span from simple, to strong, to downright studly. Here they are in a nutshell:

  • Standby battery units are ready at a moment’s notice to take over operations when the electricity goes out. The switch is quick, usually under 100 milliseconds, and the power provided will last for 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Line-Interactive units are similar to standby batteries, with the addition of a special transformer to smooth out the takeover process. In areas where brownouts are common, this type is recommended.
  • Online battery units are premium. Instead of activating only when electricity is lost, they are the usual source of power for your computer. The batteries are always online, and are being continuously recharged by your building’s energy source. They function as a firewall between your PC and the outlet, so that your machine never experiences a blip in power. If you are looking into APC battery replacement, this might be the way to go.

Setting yourself up with backup power for your computer is a smart move. By knowing how much battery you need, and what type is best for your situation, you can make an informed choice that meets your budget.