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Kardashian, Banks, Bieber (Who isn’t trying to profit on tech?)

I believe which is supposed to be Kim my, but I’m no longer positive.

Once in a while, my inbox is stuffed with thrilling information.

An ex has acquired married, divorced, or inebriated. A disliked ex-colleague has been arrested for bigamy.

But Tuesday, it was once like my very own non-public version of megastar magazine.

I may barely incorporate myself on finding out that Kim Kardashian has given her identify, voice, body, and soul to a new online game called Stardom.

As InsideApps has it, this can be a Glue cellular recreation that “will introduce players to the arena of Hollywood, with Kardashian serving as the participant’s mentor.”

This can be a practice-up to Glue cell’s “Inferno,” a game that introduces you to the sector of Hell, with Beelzebub as your mentor.

additionally it is a observe-as much as its very successful Odometer sport, which introduces you to the sector of the NBA, with Chloe Kardashian as your mentor.

Yes, after all I made those up. Nevertheless it appears as if stars are willing to put their names to any form of technological excitement in order to extend their brands.

No sooner had I digested this corn flake of joy, and then I obtained a breathless email declaring that Tyro Banks has simply invested in Locket.

No, this is not a brand new chastity belt for bank managers. It is an Android app that brings pretty photos to your locked home monitor.

The PR free up unlocked its breathlessness like a person launched from reformatory after 15 years.

This, it seems that, “marks the first advert tech investment for Tyro Banks through Fierce Capital, LLC, the funding arm of The Tyro Banks firm.”

Banks has a funding arm. It is known as Fierce Capital. Will Bayonne, Sasha Fierce herself, sue?

Let us pause, though. If that is the primary advert tech investment through Fierce Capital, does that imply there will be more? Will all ad tech corporations be now assailed through famous folks desperate to put their names to a couple concocted algorithms or other?

Why, yes.

You’ll have to learn more charges like this from Banks: “when I first met with the Locket team, my quick response used to be, Locket is genius!”

And I am certain it’s. However Tyro Fierce appears not to totally snatch how tech works. For another of her PR blurbs read: “it can be exhausting to imagine that this idea began with a group of young entrepreneurs working in a small apartment, residing off of pizza and ramen to make their startup a fact.”

Tyro, which is how fib commenced. Well, without the ramen.

Apparently there’s a certain credibility to be received from associating yourself with the tech world.

Why, even the great Justin Bibber has just put his identify to a social network that appears to revolve around selfish.

Most likely, like so many, stars consider there is straightforward cash to be made in tech and all they’ve to do is put their names to a mission.

On this, they’re no different from many rotund, much less picturesque project capitalists, who imagine that their names will impact more funding and subsequently success.

I am still ready for Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto to put his title to a social network for politicians who take medicine and then selfish.

I fancy it must be called Shoot Me Up.