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Just In Case: Bizarre Traffic Violations You’ll Need To Know


With safe travels being a priority for many drivers, there’s a few violations that are surely surprising. Thankfully, we’ve provided some excellent – and noteworthy – road violations that are worth mentioning in certain areas. With this being said, here’s a look at some bizarre traffic violations to avoid.

If You’re Living In Alabama

  • If you happen to be a driver in Alabama – or hopefully anywhere – you should avoid wearing a blindfold when driving a vehicle. That’s right, people mixing blindfolds and vehicle operation became such a problem that a law was created to suppress any urges to do so.

If You’re Living In Oregon

  • If you ever plan on driving on a sidewalk, Oregon is the place to do so. Although you will have to Yield for pedestrians, the open road stretches as far as the sidewalks in Oregon.

If You’re Living In Florida

  • In Sarasota, hitting a pedestrian with your vehicle is a 78 dollar fine. Out of most of the press coming from Florida, this isn’t surprising news.

If You’re Living In Connecticut

  • Regardless of your hunting urges, it’s illegal to hunt wild animals from your vehicle. Since this violation applies for California residents as well, don’t consider this activity legal if you can manage to steer with one hand and shoot with the other.
  • If you happen to live in the Bloomfield area, it’s a violation to eat in your vehicle. If you can’t curb your appetite before reaching a destination, pulling over beforehand and eating outside will help you avoid the ticket.

If You’re Living In Iowa

  • Chances are you won’t be hearing any ice cream trucks if you live in Indianola, as they’ve been banned from operating business in the town.

If You’re Living In Illonois

  • If you’re passing through Crete, make sure you have a great pair of shoes or a plan to re-route around the town to your destination… as vehicles are not allowed to pass through.
  • For Park Ridge, you’ll need to park your truck in a closed garage. If your truck can be seen as it’s parked, it may end up with a ticket.
  • If you happen to live in Evanston, it’s a good idea to be visible if you’re changing clothes inside a vehicle. If you’re changing clothing with curtains drawn inside a vehicle, it’s considered a violation.

If You’re Living In Maryland

  • New York drivers take note, it’s illegal to swear at other drivers in Rockville from inside a vehicle. Since doing so is considered a misdemeanor, buying a stress ball for vehicle use may be considered.

If You’re Living In Missouri

  • If you happen to be operating a vehicle in University City, avoid honking the horn of another vehicle at all costs. If it’s not yours, don’t honk it, as it isn’t tolerated in the area.

If You’re Living In New York

  • If you’re in the Sag Harbor area, you should forget about disrobing in your vehicle. Given that this activity is illegal, make sure you’re happy with what you’re wearing before you jump behind the wheel.

If You’re Living In Ohio

  • Make sure your gas tank is nowhere near empty in Youngstown, as it’s illegal to run out of gas in the area.

Looking at a few of violations above show that there’s a few things to consider when it comes to being behind the wheel in certain states… no matter how bizarre they may sound. Enrolling in an approved comedy traffic school course will not only help you become a safer driver, but keep your driver’s license in good standing with the law. With a class looking great on any record, a registered driver course is well worth the generous amount of safety information it provides to the driver so you can avoid any possible violations in the future.