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Is It Time To Repair Your Roof?

Spring is in the air, and so is rain. When springtime comes, many people begin thinking of all of the work they need to be doing outside, from raking those fall leaves up and mowing, to cleaning the siding and maybe even roof repair. Warm weather time is just the perfect time to get out and get working on those projects.

Plus, spring is a time for storms, and you want to make sure that your roof, and home, are secure in case of high winds, torrential rain, and even the possibility of things like tornados. But how do you know when it’s time to repair, or even replace, your roof? It’s also important to know that sometimes repair won’t be enough and it will be time for a new roof.

Inside Signs

Some signs that you may need to do some roofing work on your home include leaks inside your home. Old leaks, like ceiling stains that were there when you moved in, may not be a sign you need any work, as it may have already been fixed, but it doesn’t hurt to get it checked out.

Watch when it rains heavy, and if you have any minor or major drips coming in anywhere, you may at the least need some repairs done to your roof. You’ll also want someone to check in your walls and ceiling for mold from the leaks, as some types of mold can be really bad for health.

If you have old signs of leaks, but there seems to be no leak now, once you’ve had your roof checked, and had your home checked for mold, you can always paint over the spot and make it look fresh and new again. And then you won’t have to wonder the next time it rains if that’s a new stain or not.

Outside Signs

Look up at your roof for a moment, what do you see? Do you have shingles that are curling, loose, or even missing? That could mean you need some patching or repair. However, if that isn’t enough, then it’s time to shop around for a new roof.

Don’t need to settle for the first price you get, negotiate and look around for a good price. This time of year is busy for roofing companies as well, so you may find yourself waiting in a little line. However, it’s worth it to protect your home and have a house that is functional and safe.

If you let your roof go for too long you risk more than just leaks. Your roof could collapse, especially when winter comes, if you live in an area with heavy snow. High winds can also wreak major havoc on a roof that isn’t kept up.